Easy Recovery Essentials also gives you access to an anti-virus scanner that can be used to quickly scan your computer and cure it of malware, spyware, and virus infections and even most known rootkits. You will need to download a copy of EasyRE before following the instructions below. Please note that only Professional, Server and Technician editions of EasyRE have the Virus Scanner included.


Scanning for viruses with Easy Recovery Essentials

You can access the Virus Scanner by selecting the “Virus Scanner” option from the main EasyRE menu:

Virus Scanner feature in EasyRE menu

Virus Scanner feature in EasyRE menu

Step 1: Search for Windows Installations

As soon as you select Virus Scanner and then press “Continue,” EasyRE will begin scanning your hard disks for Windows installations. This may take some time depending on the size of your disks and the number of installations EasyRE finds:

EasyRE loading the Virus Scanner

EasyRE loading the Virus Scanner

Step 2: Select an installation to scan for viruses

Once EasyRE has found and listed all of the operating systems on your PC, you should select the partition that contains the OS you’re trying to scan. EasyRE supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (all editions, all languages). If you don’t see your installation listed in the results, either your hard disk is disconnected or has been corrupted or wiped, in which case you should try using testdisk to recover your partitions and restart your PC before searching for installations once more.

EasyRE Virus Scanner select OS screen

EasyRE Virus Scanner Select OS screen

Step 3: Scanning for viruses

After selecting the OS you wish to scan, click the “Scan” button in the lower-right corner. EasyRE will begin scanning the OS you selected installation for viruses and disinfecting your PC. You’ll be taken to a progress dialog screen that shows you what actions EasyRE is taking, the files being scanned, and also any malicious objects EasyRE found and removed.

EasyRE Virus Scanner results

EasyRE Virus Scanner results

Step 4: Restart

Once EasyRE has finished scanning your PC, the “Restart” button in the lower-right corner will be unlocked, and you can use it to reboot your PC and check how your system works after being cleaned of viruses. You can  also use the “Back” button in the lower-left corner to go back to the main screen and access more recovery tools and options.