Unlike most other software, EasyRE is unique in that it tries to fix things that were wrong with your PC before our software entered the picture. While your run-of-the-mill antivirus software and other system utilities are generally proactively installed as a protective measure, EasyRE is usually used after things have gone wrong in an attempt to set them straight.

It’s important to understand that when dealing with crashed Windows installations, there are quite literally hundreds of thousands of possible causes that must be considered. EasyRE has a proprietary database developed in collaboration with leading IT experts which it uses to automatically scan for and fix issues with your computer, but at the end of the day, given the ever-evolving and random nature of PC viruses, hardware failures, and user error, it’s not possible to completely guarantee that EasyRE can ultimately set everything right with your PC.

Because NeoSmart Technologies cares about the satisfaction of our customers, we provide direct one-on-one email support for all our EasyRE customers. The kind of things NeoSmart support agents will be able to help you with include

  • Unable to download EasyRE
  • Problems burning EasyRE to a CD or DVD
  • Problems getting the damaged computer to start up from the EasyRE recovery media
  • Issues encountered while running EasyRE, such as error messages or hardware incompatibility.

Please send any EasyRE support requests to easyre@neosmart.net

Our technicians will also do their best to help you with troubleshooting your non-booting/malfunctioning Windows PC, but by and large, EasyRE support focuses on the EasyRE software itself vs troubleshooting Microsoft Windows.

For problems with Microsoft Windows, NeoSmart Technologies recommends either the Microsoft phone support hotline at +1 (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676) or the online Microsoft support forums at http://support.microsoft.com/