Anyone Here Still Using Word 2003/Office 2003?

To satisfy my curiosity as to whether or not I can use the wizard and templates from Works I found a copy (new & unused) of Works 2004 on eBay. Unless someone else bids I'll get it for a mere $3...! That includes postage and packing. I'll know in about 24 hours.
At least then I'll get over the regrets I had from throwing the same suite out a while back. I can install it on my spare XP partition and play with it there. I already have the upgrade files to take it to v.8.5 but that gets rid of the original wizards unfortunately. Now I'll be able to start from scratch so to speak.
I need a word processor on there anyway, so why not? I tried Open Office and did not like it at all.
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Unless that is, if Cool can find the specific templates you want in his Office 03 install.

Unfortunately, I don't have Word 2002, just Word 2003, and a Microsoft Works 9.0 (not sure what year it is...). :frowning: I also just checked the wizards folder for Works, but couldn't find a letter wizard. Sure Works calls it the same thing that Word does?

Works 8 and 9 don't have the letter wizard. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll ein my eBay item for next to nothing and, hopefully, then all will be well. Thanks for the help guys. I've leanred quite a bit from this.
EBay now has someoner else bidding but it's still onlky $6 total so still a bargain. 16 hours to go......LOL
Are people really wanting the older works over the new office that bad?

Will good luck. Hope it don't cost you an arm and a leg.
I won it for $12.50. Now to wait for it to arrive. Shouldn't be long. I think there are still a lot of people out there with older systems and these products will work, even in Vista, and there is an update available to take it up to Works 8.5 anyway. The latest one is 9, so basically it can be "modernized", but in doing that all those great wizards I want disappear.
OK, I've installed good ole' Works 2004. The letter wizard which is found in the nromal palce is exactly the same as in later editions.

However, if one use the Task Launcher and then selects Templates, Letters the Works Letter Wizard comes up which is the one I was wanting. See attached.

I can't find it under the usual place.


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I will when I get a chance. It's strange, there is the regular letter wizard that I already had - in the usual spot. This other one I'm going to have to do thorough search for.