Disk Management Flags (multilingual - please add your language)

Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

開機 = Boot
健康度 = Healthy
邏輯磁碟機 = Logical Drive
分頁檔 = Page File
當機傾印 = Crash Dump
主要磁碟分割 = Primary Partition
延伸磁碟分割 = Extended Partition
邏輯磁碟機 = Logical Drive
啟動 = Active
系統 = System
磁碟管理 = Disk Management
可用空間 = Free Space
未配置 = Unallocated
電腦 = Computer
檔案 = File
磁碟區 = (disk) Volume
檔案系統 = Filesystem
服務 = Services
效能 = Performance
使用者 = Users
類型 = Type
基本 = (type) Basic
配置 = Layout
簡單 = (layout) Simple
事件檢視器 = Event Viewer
裝置管理員 = Device Manager
存放裝置 = Storage
卸除式 = Removable
唯讀 = Read only
狀態 = Status
動作 = Action
檢視 = View
說明 = Help
設定 = Settings
內容 = Properties
I just read the arabic terms aloud to some people here at work, we enjoyed a hearty five minutes of laughter at how contrived some of the terms are :smile:

("boot disk" in arabic translated literally back to english comes out to something like "takeoff [as in rockets] cylinder")
Thanks Fei, added to OP.
CG, when you think of it, the original English is pretty weird anyway.
Boot = heavy footware, is of course a contraction of "bootstrap" a joking reference to the task of starting up machines like the original house-sized Collosus used to break Enigma code messages in WW2, as being akin to lifting yourself in the air by pulling on your own bootstraps. (how do you run a program without an OS, or a BIOS or an eprom, just an enormous collection of inter-connected thermionic valves ?).
I suspect an American English influence on the term, or if it were English English, we'd probably be talking about shoe-laces not bootstraps, and the "shoe-disk".
Perhaps take-off cylinder is more to the point after all. (how about "launch point")
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Oh, I don't disagree at all. It's simply an opportunity to hear these terms literally for the first time of my life and laugh at them. We grew up with these terms (or at least, stood by while some of them were being invented) and so we never really get that chance. But when you hear "primary partition" in reference to a section of intangible nothing on your disk and "boot disk" to refer to a device that stores zeros and ones *for the first time in your life* - it's really something! :grinning:


Interesting about the bootstrapping thing. Never occurred to me what "boot" really meant in that context, I figured it came more from what are actually derivatives of it!

(Getting off topic here, but with regards to thinking something came from its own derivatives: I spent a year hearing my cousin tell me about how incredible the Hitchcock film "Vertigo" was: I watched it and figured out what was happening in 20 minutes or so because I'd already seen this sort of thing a million times (a murder that never really happened, only faked for a reason or the other - how many times has THAT featured into Monk, CSI, Law and Order, etc.???) and was really let-down. But then he explained that, of course, I was watching it a full 50 years after it was released, but at that time, this was a totally new concept and everyone since has been copying the film that I quickly derided for being "unoriginal!")
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Yes, It's like the Holmes "Thor Bridge" story. Suicide, made to look like murder.
Seen it a hundred times since on CSI, Jonathan Creek etc, but ACD had to come up with the plot first, a century earlier.
@fei - pasted to OP
@cg - there's something weird about this thread.
every time I access it , there are delays, and problems trying to drag-select text for cut/paste.
There are a couple of the Vista/7 "busy" animated circling-dot icons, at all times, indicating that it's always trying to do something that can't complete.
I attach a screenshot where you can see them to the right of my sig.
Do you get them too, or is it only me ?


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I see them too, but from Mac.

Let me look into it.


OK, it seems the loading icon was copy and pasted somehow when copying from the users' posts to the original message.

I've removed them now.

I don't have any delays or copy-and-paste errors in this thread. Remind me - What browser are you using?
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That all seems OK now.
I still use Maxthon1 95% of the time, Opera 4% IE8 1%.
It was really that simple ?
I copy/pasted the busy icon and it persisted in perpetuity ?
Windows never ceases to amaze me.
The cut/paste problems have gone with it. I guess the drag-select was being interrupted by the busy circle. (the only way I could get it to work was by completing the drag very rapidly, which made it hellish difficult to stop precisely at the right point - try it sometime - select a precise large chunk of text in 0.1sec)
Oh - if you are referring to the weird copy 'n paste as in you start selecting and part of the word is selected and part of it in the middle is not: that's "normal."

It has to do with the fact that a single line of text contains both languages that are written both right-to-left and left-to-write at once.
No, the problem was starting the drag at the correct point, it would end prematurely before reaching the end point. It only allowed a fraction of a second to complete the drag. If you didn't get where you wanted, it would just stop wherever you'd got in the time it allowed.
Most of the time, I had to drag it in several pieces of whatever size I'd managed to highlight in the time.
I'm having the copy+paste problem for IE8 as well, doesn't occur all the time but the majority of the time when I do want to copy something this happens... not just in this thread, but anywhere.


Hmm, of course its working as I'm posting this. I'm thinking it might be a bug with Vista/W7 (i'm on XP right now) since you've experienced it in other non-IE browser as well.
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Traducción en Español (Latin America)

Arranque = Boot
Óptimo= Healthy
Disco Lógico = Logical Drive
Archivo de Paginacón = Page File
Volcado de Memoria = Crash Dump
Partición Primaria = Primary Partition
Partición Extendida = Extended Partition
Disco Lógico = Logical Drive
Activo = Active
Sistema = System
Administración de Discos = Disk Management
Espacio Libre = Free Space
Sin Asignar = Unallocated
Equipo = Computer
Archivo = File
Volumen = (disk) Volume
Sistema de Archivos = File system
Servicios = Services
Desempeño = Performance
Usuarios = Users
Tipo = Type
Basico = (type) Basic
Esquema = Layout
Simple = (layout) Simple
Visor de Eventos = Event Viewer
Administrador de Dispositivos = Device Manager
Almacenamiento = Storage
Extraíble = Removable
Solo Lectura = Read only
Estado = Status
Acción = Action
Vista = View
Ayuda = Help
Configuración = Settings
Propiedades = Properties
Загрузка= Boot
Логический диск=Logical Drive
Файл подкачки=Page File
Крах вывода содержимого памяти=Crash Dump
Основной раздел=Primary Partition
Расширенный раздел= Extended Partition
Управление дисками=Disk Management
Свободное пространство=Free Space
(диск), Том=(disk) Volume
Файловая система=File system
Пользователи= Users
(тип) Основной=(type) Basic
Макет= Layout
(макет) Простой=(layout) Simple
Просмотр событий=Event Viewer
Устройство управления=Device Manage
Только для чтения=Read only
Статус= Status
Arabic :

= Boot
سليم = Healthy

قرص منطقي = Logical Drive
ملف ترحيل الصفحات = Page File
تفريغ العطل = Crash Dump

قسم أساسي = Primary Partition
قسم موسع = Extended Partition
نشط = Active
النظام = System
إدارة الأقراص = Disk Management
المساحة الحرة = Free Space
غير مخصص = Unallocated
الحاسوب = Computer
الملف = File
حجم القرص = (disk) Volume
نظام الملفات = File system
الخدمات = Services

الأداء = Performance
المستخدمون = Users
النوع = Type
أساسي = (type) Basic
تخطيط = Layout
تخطيط بسيط = (layout) Simple
عارض الأحداث = Event Viewer
إدارة الأجهزة = Device Manage
التخزين = Storage
قابل للأزالة = Removable
للقراءة فقط = Read only
الحالة = Status
إجراء = Action
عرض = View
مساعدة = Help
إعدادات = Settings
خصائص = Properties

Thanks ahmad, added to OP.
(wot ! no word for page file ! )

I just read the arabic terms aloud to some people here at work, we enjoyed a hearty five minutes of laughter at how contrived some of the terms are :smile:

("boot disk" in arabic translated literally back to english comes out to something like "takeoff [as in rockets] cylinder")

you arabic ? why enjoyed ?

Why don't add Arabic to yourself