Disk Management Flags (multilingual - please add your language)

Thanks for the addition Ahmad, added to the OP.
Yes CG is Jordanian so he has the advantage of being bi-lingual.
If we could understand the other languages posted we'd probably find them amusing too.
The point being that "boot(strapp)ing" the system is an English joke (discussed later in the thread than your post), and it's interesting how different cultures interpret and translate an abstract concept such as self-levitation.
And the reason I didn't add it myself is because the last time I sat in front of an arabic OS was with Windows 3.1.1 :smile:
In case I didn't make it clear.
It's not translations of DIsk Management fields into foreign languages that we need, rather the opposite.
If you are using a language pack with Windows which displays Disk Management in that language, we need a translation of the fields displayed, back into English so we can correctly interpret the information on any screenshot so that we understand how to advise you on what your problem might be.
The entries in this thread should describe exactly how Disk Management translates those fields, not a general translation of the English terms into other languages. That's why we can't enter any tranlations because we're all using the English language pack, so we don't know how DM looks in the other packs.

I'll make this more explicit in the OP
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The Italian language contains some errors.
I revised it.

Boot = Boot
Nessun problema = Healthy
Disco logico = Logical Drive
File di pagina = Page File
Crash dump = Crash Dump
Partizione primaria = Primary Partition
Partizione estesa = Extended Partition
Unità logica = Logical Drive
Attivo = Active
Sistema = System
Gestione disco = Disk Management
Spazio libero = Free Space
Non allocato = Unallocated
Computer = Computer
File = File
Volume = (disk) Volume
Filesystem = Filesystem
Servizi = Services
Prestazioni = Performance
Utenti = Users
Tipo = Type
Base = (type) Basic
Layout = Layout
Semplice = (layout) Simple
Visualizzatore eventi = Event Viewer
Gestore dispositivi = Device Manager
Archiviazione = Storage
Rimuovibile = Removable
Sola lettura = Read only
Stato = Status
Azione = Action
Visualizza = View
Aiuto = Help
Impostazioni = Settings
Proprietà = Properties

Note: I cannot upload any file type (txt/zip) always reprt a generic error.

Systemstart = Boot
Felfri = Healthy
Logisk enhet = Logical Drive
Växlingsfil = Page File
Kraschdump = Crash Dump
Primär partition = Primary Partition
Utökad partition = Extended Partition
Aktiv = Active
System = System
Diskhantering = Disk Management
Ledigt utrymme = Free Space
Oallokerat = Unallocated
Dator = Computer
Arkiv = File
Volym = (disk) Volume
Filsystem = File system
Tjänster = Services
Prestanda = Performance
Användare = Users
Typ = Type
Standard = (type) Basic
Layout = Layout
Enkel = (layout) Simple
Loggboken = Event Viewer
Enhetshanteraren = Device Manage
Lagring = Storage
Flyttbar = Removable
Skrivskyddad = Read only
Status = Status
Åtgärd = Action
Visa = View
Hjälp = Help
Inställningar = Settings
Egenskaper = Properties
@Terry60 I added your note about the meaning of these flags to the top of the thread, as this was the first place I looked to find them.