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  • EasyBCD 2.3.1 Beta - Build 233.exe
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New build (29276) uploaded.

Features several bugfixes (from older betas and previous versions).
Important changes:
* Short file names for Linux loaders are used unless a file already exists, and so the extended format is deployed instead. (e.g. nst_grub.mbr vs nst_grub-1234...555.mbr)
* Fixed update-checker to not crash if network settings are broken
* Removed some dependencies (smaller setup size)
* Some other stuff......

(If you received email notification twice - sorry, the first time it didn't go out right).
Build 36323 uploaded.

Fixes regression bug with grubless installs (where you get a blank menu.lst)
Adds experimental support for bypassing driver signing on x64. (please test!)

Important note
When testing the experimental x64 option, please create a new entry and enable bypassing driver signing for that entry - just in case something goes wrong you'll have your old entry to get back into Vista with.
Build 27176 has just been uploaded.

Tons of new goodies, including detection of extended partitions, adavanced DOS/Win9x support (via bootsect.dos), several bug fixes, smaller setup, support for loading operating systems from an implicit boot drive, several bugfixes, and a lot of other things.

This will most likely be the final 1.61 beta build if no bugs are found! Please test it thoroughly, and report any functional or cosmetic bugs you find!
New build 14371 uploaded.

* Fixes TweakVI Downloader bug
* New NTLDR auto-location features
* iReboot Integration
* Open & Modify external BCD store
* Other changes
Download EasyBCD 1.61 Build 21279

* Full WinPE Support
* Support for Ramdisks
* Enhancements to Legacy Windows support
* Rewritten "Recreate BCD Files" and "Reset BCD Data" options
* Fully compatible w/ installing Vista bootloader on non-Vista machines
RC2 Uploaded!

It's been a while since the last update; but it's an important one.

* Fixes issues with UAC (regression bug, not found in older 1.6 builds)
* Integrated manifest file
* Fixed crash when no drive letter identified/found for an entry
* Full & Complete WinPE 2.0 support. (Will not support WinPE 1.0 - which is used in BartPE & co.)
* Couple of other things.

This is RC2.

Should all go well, it's going to go gold. Please test as best as you can.

Download EasyBCD 1.61 Build 63
Current beta version:

* Performance optimizations
* Code refactoring

Download EasyBCD 1.7.1 Beta, Build 4

Please test this build as heavily as possible, because it's going to ship out as final if it's working OK!


Current beta version:

* iReboot button disabled on Windows Server 2003
* No WMI dependencies for WinPE support

Download EasyBCD 1.7.1 Beta, Build 5

Please test this build as heavily as possible, because it's going to ship out as final if it's working OK!
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Fixed the Linux hanging problem.

Caused by having card readers attached to the PC without media inside them.


Updated to build 59. Fixes a bug in LILO support.
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Updated to build 60.

Fixed most problems with the Linux tab. No more crashes, hopefully.
Updated to build 61.

* Added support for automatic detection of non-Debian-based (*cough* Fedora *cough*) distributions.
* Automatic Boot.ini configuration properly handles multiple XP installations
Build 63 uploaded. Automates copying of NTLDR and NTDETECT to boot partitions. Tested against the hidden boot partition in Windows 7, works great.

Please test and provide feedback, thanks :smile:
Huge update today... Everyone is recommended to install build 64, which has a ton of new features and improvements:

* Full Windows 7 support
* New: Support for booting Windows 7 from VHD images
* Fixed: EasyBCD defaults to My Documents to save backups
* Fixed: EasyBCD no longer crashes on unprivileged accounts on XP
* New: EasyBCD now offers to browse for BCD when unable to automatically find one (attn: Justin, Terry)
* Fixed: BootGrabber eats up all available disk space
* Fixed: Updated internal BCD modules to Windows 7
EasyBCD Build 65 uploaded, with a number of important improvements:

* Resuming work on OS dual-booting. New OS X bootloader included, pre-selecting drive not working.
* Fully fixed the Windows 7 graphic boot (pretty boot with the flag/butterfly/whatever)
* Fixed problems with adding VHD entries
* Support for VHD and WinPE entries with spaces in their paths
* Full ext4FS support
* Full GRUB2 support (new option in the Add->Linux section)
* Improved MBR repair, no longer using mbrfix.exe
* Updated bootsect.exe to Windows 7 version
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