EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Builds

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HUGE update, see this thread for details.

* New feature to automate changing of boot drives
* Disallow selection of "Drive x" entries in Linux section
* New feature to re-create missing boot files
* Boot from ISO support
* EasyBCD BIOS Extender (EBIOSE) to boot from USB/CD/Network/HD where BIOS doesn't support it
* One-click creation of bootable external media
* Support for multiple NeoGrub entries at once
* Top-level integration of NeoGrub with BCD bootloader
* Minor UI changes
* Attempt to load boot.sdi from \Windows\system32 before prompting for CD
* Support for multiple WIM with different names
* EasyBCD crashes with no Timeout key
* Proper handling of bootloader.bootdevice when modifying BCD on external media
* EasyBCD doesn't deal with WIM paths / non-{ramdiskoptions} GUIDs


Build 67 fixes crash when adding PLoP and the \NST\ folder doesn't exist.

Please note: OS X support still buggy.
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Build 74 has been uploaded.. Many improvements to the new features added in the last build, so it's another 'huge update.'

* Added External Media to the default tab selection in the options dialog
* Prevent Windows XP from calling the unsupported functions to recreate or move boot (only intended for Vista and 7)
* Fixed tab order of UI elements
* Fixed deadlock with bcdedit.exe due to stdout buffer overflow
* Fixed crash selecting an entry that starts with "disk" in ISO or Linux boot
* Fixed crash adding WIM entries
* Fixed crash when changing boot drive to already current boot drive by importing rather than copying BCD registry
* Fixed bug where lack of {bootmgr} GUID results in blank entries list
* Fixed crash in Advanced Options when the path key is not present
* Fixed crash when the NST folder is not present and attempting to boot PLoP


Fixed a bug that was introduced at the last minute that messed up the order of the pages in EasyBCD.
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Uploaded build 76.

* Spaces in VHD names are preserved after renaming the entry
* The name of VHD entries is no longer forced to "Microsoft Windows"
Updated to build 77.

*This addresses a very important issue with the hidden partition in Windows 7 where EasyBCD would correctly create NTLDR, NTDETECT, and BOOT.INI, but the entry it creates in the BCD would point to C:\ instead of the hidden partition.

*Also addresses a bug in the update checker.

*Possibly fixes one of the BootGrabber.exe crashes.
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Uploaded build 78.

This may (then again, may not :smile:) fix issues with NeoGrub taking too long to load.
Updated to build 79.

* Fixes EasyBCD.exe unresponsiveness after auto-configuring Windows XP (which fails).
* Fixed BootGrabber.exe infinite loop during copy of NTLDR and NTDETECT
* Does *not* fix BootGrabber.exe crash. Anyone with crashes on BootGrabber.exe should use the MiniDump Tool from http://j.mp/MiniDumpTool and follow the instructions in README.TXT to generate a crash dump. Please zip & email said dump to ComputerGuru@NeoSmart.net
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Uploaded EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, build 80.

Changes all concern bootgrabber:
* Fixed all known crashes in BootGrabber.exe (yay!)
* Recent builds of BG didn't correctly create boot.ini - fixed
* Added comment to boot.ini to differentiate auto-generated files from defaults
* Fixed hang/infinite loop in creating/copy NTLDR & NTDETECT

Many, many thanks to Mike Green and SaltGrass for their help debugging BootGrabber! You guys ROCK!
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Uploaded build 81, fixes problems in communication between EasyBCD and BootGrabber.
EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Build 82:

* Hides drive selection combo-boxes on XP and Linux add/remove pages when not applicable
* Fixed some typos
EasyBCD Beta 2.0 Build 86 has been uploaded.

* Mostly featuring a completely redesigned UI for easier use and more-coherent distribution of features.
* Use events for more reliable communication between UI and backend
* Warn users when installing the XP MBR when not in Expert Mode
* Use intelligent units (KB/MB/GB) for partition sizes in drop-down displays
* Add option to skip the boot menu
* Fix all issues with NST Downloader for iReboot and TweakVI
* Improved performance of NST Downloader
* Get list of drives & partitions in a separate thread to improve performance
* Display error if user selects logical partition to make as boot drive.

Please test everything in this build!

Since the UI was completely rewritten (even if it looks mainly similar), some old and reliable features may have been broken!
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Uploaded build 87.

* Fixes some issues with the new UI
* Fixes smartassembly errors
* Adds donation dialog. Donation dialog will appear once after the *2nd* exit, and then no more.
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Uploaded build 88.


* Fixed skip boot menu option
* Fixed NeoGrub not auto-loading menu file
* Fixed crash if timeout set to > 100
* Raised maximum amount of memory that can be deducted (old was only 100!)
* Fixed timeout and skip boot menu not being saved
Updated to build 89:

* Fixed broken portable PLoP configuration
* Updated PLoP
* Using {smartassembly} 4
* Fixed in-place renames of entries not taking effect
* Increased status text timeout for update checks
* Display status on entry order changed
* Fixed deletion of AutoNeoGrub component files
* Added custom PathCombine class
* Fixed edit legacy entries
* Completely updated the Reset and Recreate BCD code
Updated to build 90:

* Correctly updating UI when changes are made to newly created entries
* Show error message on failed BCD backup or restore
* Use new bootgrabber.exe output parser
* Start drive select dialogbox in center parent
* Reset BCD defaults to 10s BCD timeout
* Correctly draw UI if saved to large size
* Give application focus after UAC dialog
* Correctly update application after adding new entry to empty store
* Option to save BCD restore directory
* Fixed crash in Change Boot Drive and Repair BCD due to unmounted partitions
* Remove all entries upon reset BCD and display message box
* Correctly refresh "View Settings" when a BCD store is loaded or restored
* Fixed status message for BCD Repair
* Correctly open View Settings when manually refreshing BCD
* Show both BCD and *.bcd files in Load BCD file filter
* Delete .LOG .LOG1 and .LOG2 files after backup/restore
Uploaded build 91:

* Fixed bug with creating portable entries on a removable disk
* Refresh entries in the UI after creating new bootable media
* Rewrote the BCD repair function, fixing a number of possible issues
* Fixed GRUB and GRUB2 which broke in the redesign
* Fixed possible problem in Change Boot Drive feature
Uploaded build 92:

* Fixed OS X support (EFI)
* Allow EasyBCD to run in "limited mode" if no BCD found
* Hide memdiag from entry list if it's the only entry
* Fixed problem with creating bootable partitions
* Correctly disable advanced options if no entry selected
* Fixed typo which made EasyBCD not auto-configure XP entries even though it appeared to (introduced in redesign)
* Warn on exit if no entries are in the BCD store, lest the system fail to boot at next restart
* Updated NeoGrub, fixes many issues
* Bumped to build 92
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Updated to build 93.

* Fixed corruption issue when dealing with external disks
* Allow backup of non-system BCD stores
* Allow restore of non-system BCD stores
* Fixed crash when copying necessary files for WinPE boot for first time
* Fixed duplicate entries in UI after adding WinPE 2.0 or VHD entries
* Added option for portable NeoGrub entry
* Fixed incorrect default value of unsigned 64-bit driver support
* Fixed non-working forced portable VHD entries
* Reset BCD and Repair BCD features now work for external entries
* Fixed duplicate entries in UI when using external stores
* Disable changing boot drive for WinPE and VHD entries in Advanced Settings
* Fixed incorrect warning about "File not Found" for BCD backup via browse dialog
* Bumped to build 93
Updated to build 94.


* New (better) method for loading large ISOs from disk instead of RAM
* Bring UI to front even after an error dialog appears on load
* Better thread handling on early program abort
* Fixed crash when deleting entries with no path

(A big shoutout to MarkAtHome for his moral support! :grinning:)
Hi Guys,

New build, new features:

* Added support for changing the entry locale
* Added option to (re)load the system BCD after manual BCD load
* Bumped to build 95


Another update, this one fixes a Windows bug that sometimes leaves bootmgr un-updated after "Recreate Boot Files"

* Refactored code to get System Boot Partition in \Device\ format
* Manually forcing replacement of bootmgr upon "Recreate Bcd"
* Bumped to build 96
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Hi Guys, coming close to wrapping this up!

* Fixed extra spaces in some window text
* Added icons to Basic/Advanced/Developer tabs
* Standardizing App Path registry for use with iReboot 2.0 and other products
* Fixed highlighted entry not showing when message box appears
* Fixed selection of next/previous entry after deleting an entry (to allow quick, successive deletes)
* Useful Utilities -> iReboot now works with iReboot 2.0
* Bumped to build 97
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