EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Builds

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EasyBCD 2.3 Beta build 203 has been uploaded, focusing primarily on localization improvements

* Translation updates from the following languages are included: ar, cs, de, el, fr, it, pt, sl, sv, uk, and zh-TW
* Full RTL support in EasyBCD
* Link to translation thread from localization dialog
* Options Dialog "Reset Settings" now correctly reverts to Segoe UI and not Calibri (because we used to use Calibri in v2.2)
EasyBCD 2.3 Beta build 204 uploaded, fixing some regressions introduced in build 203.
  • Reset settings file when an upgrade from previous version isn't possible (just an optimization, crash was handled and never reached user)
  • Fixed crash when loading the language dialog if no language choice was saved in the registry. Hat-tip: @docfixit and @diet59 for testing various resolutions and confirming fix in this build.
  • Fixed crash when case of lang subfolder does not match case of locale name in properties.xml. Hat-tip: @steje for reporting
Happy testing, and sorry about the bad build 203!
EasyBCD 2.3 final has been released! Download here.

It's been a long ride to version 2.3, I did not even realize how many months upon months and builds upon builds we've crossed to get here, thank you all very much for your help and support. See you again in a few months for the next beta!
Uploaded EasyBCD 2.3.1 beta build 233 (see first post of this thread).

I have randomly posted beta builds in specific threads in response to user problems. This is the first general release beta build of EasyBCD 2.3.1/2.4.

There are a number of changes from EasyBCD 2.3 RTM (build 207). Not all are covered below.

  • The riskiest change was an overhaul of the UI to make it play nicer with high DPI displays. The EasyBCD GUI (not the backend features, boot-time components, helper utilities, partition management tools, etc) is a .NET application using the System.Windows.Forms UI library. SWF is deprecated by Microsoft (remember that EasyBCD runs on ancient versions of Windows, including Windows XP RTM), and was written well before high DPI or scalable UIs were a thing. As SWF is missing scalable layout features and high DPI support, EasyBCD actually includes its own custom high DPI support that covers a good chunk of the requirements to support both regular and high-DPI displays.

    In the process of updating EasyBCD's layout code, the UI was temporarily disconnected from the code then reconnected, as a result in some previous builds there were buttons that didn't do anything when you clicked on them or settings that were ignored. Hopefully that has been resolved, but it would be extremely appreciated if beta testers could try random features and make sure that everything behaves as expected with this in mind.
  • This build fixes the silent crash-on-start that's been randomly plaguing users since the 2.3 release. This was incredibly hard to pin down as I could never get it to reproduce on my end, but a careful study of the code revealed that a particular error message generated on startup was missing a translation (even in English). As this error was before EasyBCD was fully loaded, it was not caught by the general exception handler specifically written to catch missing translation strings, and since it only happened when EasyBCD encountered a particularly rare error starting up, it would occur extremely sporadically.
  • EasyBCD checks for sufficient partition size and sufficient free space before attempting to deploy the BCD to a local/removable destination.
  • Linux support has been improved to work with newer ext4 feature flags and grub4dos has been updated.
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