Funny Computer Errors


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Take a look at this errors: :crazy:

Photoshop: "Command cannot be executed because of the program error"
Winamp3: "Error! Thread refused to die."
"There is a problem with your internet connection, please search our website for solution"
"No keyboard present! Press any key to continue"
"No mouse present! Click OK to continue"
Windows 98 and Corel Draw:

Other #2:
Windows 98 Update Wizard: Windows has detected that your computer is more then 12 months old. Windows 98 requires a newer machine to run properly. Please update your configuration.

Dialog Box: Sorry, Windows 95 was unable to comply with "go to hell" command you specified.

CD-ROM error: Error reading "How to unninstall Windows 95". Please, insert other CD.

Error: Some sort of error

Internal Error: Your windows has been running for 10h 37m 22s. Microsoft does not allow a windows system to run longer than that. That is why your computer will now crash.

Keybord not plugged: Windows 95 was unable to detect your keyboard. Press F1 to retry or F2 to abort.

Closing Windows 95: You are about to exit Windows 95. Do you want to play another game?

Printer Wizard: The new and incredible 32bit intelligent wizard has obtained a solution to your printing problems: do not print.

Random Error: Windows 95 has detected a random error. This error occurs every once in a while. Please wait.

Windows FAT: Windows 98 has detected too much FAT already in your system. Please do not upgrade to FAT 32 and stay with FAT 16.

Warning: Windows has categorised you as a government employee. Switching to sleep mode.

Virus Alert: You've got the flue.

This one is pretty stupid:

Internet Explorer:

Computer Guru said:
I love the last one, Peter :smile:
Isn't it wild! I've forgotten where I got that from now but it must have been done by the "Star Trek Next Generation" crew.
So computers have their off moments even in the 24th century. I'm glad to here it...LOL
I liked yours, especially : Warning: Windows has categorised you as a government employee. Switching to sleep mode.

LOL...I was a Civil Servant in the UK many years ago and know exactly what that means.
How many times have you seen blue screen of death? :crazy: I just seen one about 5 minutes ago :frowning: and it was because of nothing, I was working in 3ds max and I moved a lot of objects on the scene, and when I did, I was waiting for pc to do it (hdd was running red like crazy >_< ) and after not more than 5 seconds BAM! I get blue screen of death (windows xp)


Hey could this be because my OLD HDD? (~6-7 years old :glare: )?
OMG! Look at this, Microsoft wants me to debug for him :brows: LOL I don't use IE but I ran it once half an hour ago, and bang! some error, and it says "do you want to debug now? I said "yes" and it opens up this:

I really don't know what MS wants me to do :lol:


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Lol, that's hilarious... I know 7 or 8 different computer languages - but that's not one of them!!! :lol:

(btw, just add the image as an attachment to your post in order to auto-create a thumbnail and not mess up the layout if it's too big)
Yeah Guru, this is NEW one! MS doesn't want us to know about it, cause it is possible to make "VTCV" (Vista Total Crash Virus) with it :joy: LOL...