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My idea is to create a MP3 player that can play MP3, WMA, WAV and MIDI. I want the least amount of bloat, but keep function, and make it look nice to the eye.

This would be a free project that i will devolep, and any idea's/Help offered by people/Members/Friends will be accepted.

But as a wise word of warning, i am coding in VB6.

Any thoughts? do you think this will work?

Current version is 1.0:

Version 0.9 will have all basic functions:
* Add WMV support
* Save Play list
* Import Playlist

Version 1.0 will have a new GUI:
* New GUI
* Mini Controler
* Transparancy support
* Help FIle
* New Self Contained Installer

Any thoughts?
It all started a LONG time ago, when i first got started on VB, I was unaware of Media Player Classic when i started this, i just never got round to finishing it, now my skills have increased i have decided to finish it.

It will be a basic MP3 player that uses next to NO resorces, at the moment in a memory test with a 100 long playlist playing music it only uses about 7.7MB of ram VS winamps 26MB of ram and windows Media Player 10 @ 16MB ram.

It will play all music, allow you to see what song is playing, pause, stop, skip, previous.
And be ontop with the abilty to see whats underneath it. allowng you to play music, and free up your taskbar to theres more space for running programs.

Basicly, its a MP3 player that uses less resorces than the others.
If it gets plugin support and is lighter than Media Player Classic I think you would have a winner.

Version 1.1 will have skin support

At version 0.9, I am acctualy using the app myself to play music while i am coding the app! ROFL
That's great news XcOM!

Can't wait to see the final player, I'm sure it will be great!!

keep up the great work.
Yeah, I will join CG in his waiting for the palyer. :grinning:

Hey, is it going to be free or not, if not howmuch? :smile:
Hint, Anyone that want to me in my mail List for when i finish it/Updates, then PM me your MSN/Email address,

P.S, I need a few testers to test my app and find the bugs, i can't run a true test on my machine as i built on this machine.

Not decided on a name yet, i jst gave it a name to work with,

XcOM Player, or XPlayer, Name will be decided next week, will start a poll,

But for now i need some testers to get rid of the bugs, the only condition is your system is running windows 98, 2000 or XP
i think xplayer sounds better.

by the way, it works in 2003 and xp, but the button images don't work (are they supposed to?). it crashed a couple times in xp.
Well slow down toxic chicken, it's not 1.0 yet :wink: , oh yeah, i've seen same things toxic said (win xp pro sp1)
Ok, anyone found any bugs, i am ready to release version 1.0, the public release,

the only thing left to do is sort skin support out and it will be finished.