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Just trying to find a way of doing skins,

I was thinking of an image, with an INI file with info like the button locations, font colours ect ect,

Some thing standardised so people can make there own themes.


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Sorry its been so slow, just got a new job, so not much time when your working every hour under the sun.

I promise it will be out before xmas though.


Mostly Harmless
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Hey XcOM, haven't seen you in a while!

Congrats on the new job - hope it's OK :smile:

Don't worry about the app, we're waiting quitely :tongueout:


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just compiling the newsist build now, will create an installer and host it for you,
Version 1.0 is complete now.


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When i try to run the app i see the error (big white X inside red circle :tongueout:) it says:

*Component 'TryIcon.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registred: a file is missing or invalid*

Soon after Windows Media Player was unable to run too! with an error message:

*Windows Media Player was not insatlled properly and must be reinstalled.*


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Found the error, in my code, this is the problem with testing on the machine it was built on,

The app was looking for a file which i (Stupidly) forgot to include in the installer, and as such, it crashed and takes down WMP as parts of my app use the MP 4 core, strangly so does the latest MP.

making new installer now.


New installer made with fix included, you might need to re-install media player, i don't think so though as i have included the most recent core available core with my installer.

Just waiting for it to be hosted.

Sorry for any inconvience this has caused.