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OK, like this:

- When I want to load my playlist i don't need info window to tell me that playlist is inported, so remove that window cause i can see that playlist is loaded.

- When I drag a song in a playlist and move it down or up i want that song to move up or down to change order in playlist.

- When player is running in "try icon" mode, I it would be good to make this: when i move cursor over palyers icon it should show me which song is playing at that moment.

- When i make playlist, I press "import song" or "open" (can't remember which one) and you should make able to select multiple songs, not selecting songs one by one and importing them into playlist.

That's all for now :wink:
Cheers :unamused:


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Ok, to answer your requests.

1) I will add a check bot in options to disable the notice that you have imported a playlist.

2)The drag drop playliust edit is in the pipeline, not not in devolpment yet.

3) Will be included in the next release

4) notice the button that says add multi, that will allow you to add more than one file at a time.

Thanks for the input
Done and done, any more ideas?????


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He doesn't *have* to fix them all at once... I personally like to know all ideas beforehand then triage them and work accordingly... just my 2 cents :smile:


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stable, in what way, it is stable atm, there is one bug i know of that crashes the app, and thats listed in the about box.

List your ideas, i like CG's idea, go for it, skins is comming along nicely, should be out before xmas at latest


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it has been delayed due to work, been on 6 day weeks doing stupidly long shifts at night, it is comming along nicely, sorry.