Our Best Photos [56k Warning]


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This is one of the best photos i ever made, its made in last month 2006, you can't see sky because fog :wink: and i think thats the best thing in this pic.

Damn Sarge, it's beautiful...
Do you have an uncompressed version? You can use the "attach a file" feature when adding a reply to upload it to the NST server instead of going to imageshack, etc.
This is the same location, just in summer, with the fog one is in winter. :smile:


I've upload it on NST Server, i want it to be shown right in the post :smile: so... how?


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Naw, my picture is taken thousands of miles from home. It's near the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.

huh, i can't get the img tag to work for non-standard extensions.... :frowning:

Anyway, the reason why the sky is white is because it's
1) On the Red Sea, so plenty of moisture
2) Right next to a desalination plant, so tons of artifical water vapor.

It's almost always cloudy there.
best one i can find without searching through multiple hard drives.

it was taken from my driveway in december last year.


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What on earth is that, toxic?
Is it a light pole in the distance? What are the white flecks? What an intriguing picture!
yeah, that's a street light. there's a snow covered tree branch in the background too.

the white is snow. or dandruff out of a helicopter. your choice. :tongueout:
That's probably the weirdest natural photo I've ever seen!! :openmouth:
Excellent job capturing the moment though! :smile:
When first I seen toxic's pic, i was thinking whats that white things flying around, than i seen Guru had a same question :smile: So, it looks like snow, cool :wink:
I like the way sun goes trough that woods :smile: Also, green is very nice...

White sky again! :frowning:

Sunset :grinning:,about 500 meters form my home, Serbia :smile:.
Well, thank you Guru, nobody told me that before :smile:

I'm using Digital camera, Canon PowerShot A430 4.0 MegaPixels, 4X Optical zoom, It's nothing special but works perfect :grinning: