Our Best Photos [56k Warning]

Nice one, Mahmoud, I had turkish coffee today. :smile:

Did I ever show you my home pets? :grinning: Photo was made last year. The desktop with red part on its case is my 2008 machine with Core2Quad :smile:
The desk is hand-made, very unique.

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As long as it does its job, there is no need for a replacement :smile: For example that machine above, performs all newest games at the top details and HD resolution, and I love gaming better on it then on Playstation 3. Other than that I really don't use all of its possibilities, except when I do 3D modeling and rendering, which I don't do that often. And even the top games today rarely use more than 50% of its processor that I didn't even overclock yet. :smile:

BTW, the black case has Core2Duo 3.0Ghz, it's pretty fast :smile:
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I'd *love* to get an i7, but I have to be honest with myself: I'm gaming and coding on this machine (2.66GHz Core 2 Duo E6750) and it's blazing fast. I've got the RAM and the fastest non-SSD HD out there (velociraptor) so putting the money into a CPU upgrade seems like vanity at the moment.... esp. since it'd require a new motherboard, RAM, and CPU.
Took these pictures a couple weeks ago, they contrast pretty well with the snow picture i posted a while ago (Three years ago? Doesn't really seem like it...) in the winter. Not the best of pictures, taken through my windshield with a phone camera and not touched up at all, but gives you an idea of what it's like here in the spring. I do kind of like the reflection in the hood on the second picture..

Also, suppose this is my "I'm back" post, so hello everyone, once again. :tongueout:


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Hi Toxic :smile:

I'm looking forward to getting away to a place like that here in the next week or two, get out of this hot city of mine, hopefully with some better weather too.
Nice view! I know the naturescape in Washington is supposed to be gorgeous, never got a chance to see it in person though.
OK, it's not the photos that are special - it's the thing being photographed :smile:

This was last semester's term project - building a Motorola-based microcontroller system. This is for all intents and purposes a real computer that I built and hand-wired from scratch and programmed with my own "OS" for university. The CPU used is the Motorola 68k, the pre-cursor to the famous PowerPC platform.




This is just dead stoned cold amazing :wtf: Have you done anything similar lately?
Saaaaaaaarge! How've you been - loooong time no see! The forums are empty without you :grinning:

In answer to your question - I worked on something similar for a graduation project... I hope to put it up online as soon as I get some patent-related stuff cleared out of the way :smile: