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pretty cool

EasyBcd is quite handy

By the way I like Java and specialize in it. The development environment in Linux and Windows each has its own points. So I keep both...:smile:
I am CEO of a computer consult company called Smartbyte Systems, Inc.
I use these products often to troubleshoot systems and am greatful to Neosmart...Any assistance I can provide to you? I am an expert in multiboot systems that I design for consultants and small businesses that need multi OS systems to do training or tech support.


Best way to multiboot is to have 2 separate drives with multiple partitions and install xp 1st then vista on a different partition on the same drive. after this..install linux...something like MINT 7 offers a nice looking menu. The grub should be installed to the boot drive with the second drive already containing xp and vista. The grub installed on the 1st drive will recognize the vista bootloader on the 2nd drive and boot all three.

Windows 7 can be installed to a partition on the 2nd drive and will add its own bootloader which you can later add to the grub manually.

So you will have 1. xp vista32 vista 64
2. win 7 and vista 64
3. Mint 7

after you can install any version of linux you wish on other partitions but be careful not to overwrite the original grub on the boot drive....Instead add the grubs for these linux installs to the partition that they are installed on. Later you can use a root password in Mint to add the other entries into your original grub
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I'm from Australia and arrived here after long surfing the internet looking for help, can you guess? Vista preinstalled wanted dual boot with XP!
Well, firstly I found an article from APC Magazine "how to dual boot vista and xp with vista installed first" and found the heading very interesting while the content was not!
The reason? Too many people complaining for the same reason but nobody from APC cares to give feedback!
The pity tutorial features EasyBcd 1.7.2 and after I read heaps of words and time was running out, I decided to put my thumbs down for APC and EasyBcd and run away.

Then I tried other free utilities plus another professional and still no luck. Vista was present in the boot menu' while XP not!

Finally I accidentally came in this forum and found "Steps for multibooting" thread, lets try again!
Well it fixed my problem yet, very simple and working instructions.
You should "sticky" that thread!

Cheers :smile:


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I'm Eric, from the Philippines. After 4 years of bliss working with GRUB on XP/Ubuntu, I decided to upgrade to VISTA/Ubuntu with a full re-install (actually.. my motherboard died, and I had to do a full re-install :smile: )

Now I'm starting to lose hair making Vista play nice with Ubuntu. I stumbled upon OpenBCD in the Ubuntu support forums. I can't wait to get home to try it out.



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Hi all, i'm Frank from the NETHERLANDS, and a frisk user of Windows and Ubuntu.
I stumbled upon BCD and your forum because of a boot problem. I will open a new thread for it...



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It was suggested I introduce moi when I registered. I work in the telecommunications industry and have been in love with computing for 20 years. Saved me from a career in construction labor :happy: Glad to be here. Look forward to checking out the betas.


Hi everybody. I found this forum on my search of a way to get rid of the Vista start-up screen on Win7. Although there seems to be no solution in my case (except a clean, fresh install) I liked this place and found a lot of useful information.



Thanks for the advise, Terry. Though I do not really understand how a Vista bootloader will bring me back the Win7 splash screen . Could you please try to explain the proceeding?
FYI: I already tried every possible action commended in this forum and others.....without success.

Addition: I did not open a new thread as I believe the topic has been exhausted but I can do so if requested by good practices.
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Forgot to introduce myself :smile:
I am indeed here bc I'm desperate, well, not really, just tired.
I'm hoping to find some help with my laptop.
I'm sure I'll stick around as computer problems are sure not going anywhere, right? :wink:


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Hi, I'm Stephan from Germany. I'm come to this forum when I tried to install Ubuntu parallel to Windows 7 on my Laptop. Because Acer uses it's own MBR to switch between Windows and System recovery (Alt-F10 during boot) I cannot install Grub directly in the MBR. EasyBCD 1.72 used on my old PC doesn't work correctly so I would try the new version as proposed in som forums.