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Hi All

I needed to find a solution to my problem the GRUB Bootloader, you would believe with a 3.2 Gigahertz Quad Core with 8 Gigabytes of RAM that GRUB wouldn't take 5 or so minutes just to get to the GRUB Menu. Well I did some research and found a post on the Ubuntu Forums with exact same issue. Windows 7 x64 and Kubuntu x64. The poster said he was impressed with how easy he fixed all his booting issues with EasyBCD beta 2.0

I did the same within 5 minutes I had it wired. And have since recommended it to 5 of my buddies who are also IT industry professionals.

I thank you for a great product.:booyah:
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Hi folks

I came here with a (slight) problem, having recently bought myself a new desktop PC with Windows 7 pre-installed. I wanted to install Linux dual-boot. I'm not a great lover of Windows (but it's a necessary evil) and I have been in the habit of running Linux in parallel for some time. W 7-64 provided a slight dilemma - I needed to approach it rather differently as BootMagic from Powerquest (RIP) wasn't suitable any more and I still wanted to have control of what booted what....

First I managed to cock it up by allowing GRUB to hijack the MBR - it's so easy to do that in a moment of inattention. Fortunately W 7 has much better ways of reclaiming the MBR than earlier versions. My second attempt went according to plan, but EasyBCD wouldn't work. I soon found out why in the forums - I had installed Mint Linux based on the latest Ubuntu, and v1.7 EasyBCD wouldn't do the job. V2.0 BETA worked like a charm though.

So, a superb freebie which does what is needed, and the forum was very helpful with no need for me to ask anybody anything! Very well done indeed.



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Welcome to NST Rog, and congratulations (and thanks) for finding all the info yourself. Most 1st time posters are asking a question which they could have answered themselves with a few minutes of reading.
Hope you stick around and point a few others in the right direction in future.


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Nooob to site. I came here because I was attempting to dual boot Windows 7 and Fedora Core 12. After reading a post from Terry I downloaded the beta of EASYBCD and viola` Windows 7 and Fedora Core 12 co-exist and dual boot without issues!

Thanks for the great program and the very helpful posts! You made my life easy! :smile:


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I everybody

I'm french... So my english isn't as good as it should be.
At first, I've registered because of troubles installing my Ubuntu's grubs 2 chained boot...
But after reading a while, I've decided to go thru the beta version... And then it's work fine...

I don't have a lot of time, my english is poor, but if I can, I'l help a litle bit.
Keep on doing good job as you've already done with your EasyBCD...

It's makes life easier :smile:

See you...


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Bonjour cyrcocq, welcome to NST.
Your English is a lot better than my French.
We'll be glad to have you around helping out.
Perhaps you could start here.


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Hi, and i registered here to beta test Easy BCD 2.0, am a huge fan of your work Computer Guru, thanks for the great tools.

And am from dubai, working in the IT industries.


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Hi, I'm Alvaro from Spain. I was tired of trying different things to make my computer boot into Win XP, Win7 and OSX when I found EasyBCD and all my problems vanished, so thanks, thanks and thanks again for your work.


i'm new member here

just wanna say that EasyBCD v2.0 beta really really helps me on my dual boot PC windows 7 and windows XP.

I'm hoping the v2.0 gets its FINAL version, or at least its stable build. So theres no worries when using this apps because of "BETA" tags.

THank you.
Big regards.


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Hi everyone. My daughter erased my hard drive soI have no windows, no vista, no anything, not even the disk toreinstall what do I do. please help