The windows vista recovery CD

Thank again Computer Guru,

While BIOS was set to start from CD first apparently it jumped to network start (3rd). When this option was disabled the recovery DVD was read and the recovery console started.

It does seem however that the Laptop is done for - the recovery cannot find the HD and thus I cannot repair the problem.
I know that the HD is working - but now belive that the SATA connecting on the MB is shot.

Thank again for your assist
Hi Terry 60

yes the BIOS does show the HDD - which is confusing when the recovery cannot locate it. Right now I'm running the recovery again to see if anything changes on this run.

There is no other HDD bay.

Will keep updating this post untill all avenues have been tried :nerd:

You guys are a lot of help - awsome :smile:
Thanks Computer Guru,

As it is right now I have successfully repaired the boot problem. The system starts but then a blue screen of death appear with a message that there is a problem with verification of a known DLL.

The system reboots and the Vista repair console starts.

I'm letting it run a few times to see if Vista can repair itself - if not I'll try to get acces through safemode and see if I can reset the laptop to an earlier date (System restore).

Will be back with more.

And thus the story continues..........



Thanks so much,

Your help is highly appreciated. My laptop is now fully operational. Vista managed to finally repair itself.

It turned out to be a great day after all :lol:
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