Using NeoGrub to hide Vista partition from XP

Perfect--works like a charm!

Thanks so much for all the help--and especially for your patience.

PS--I still can't figure out how those colons remained in the file. I was absolutely certain I had nuked them long ago. Oh well, all's well that ends well!
please help

i have tried multiple ways to make this work, i don't know maybe i am just smartest when it comes to this type of thing, but i only have 1 hard drive with 4 partitions

fist: 55MB-don't really know what this is
second: 10GB- recovery drive
third: 245GB- vista
fourth: 210GB- XP Pro

i have tried many combinations of hiding or unhiding (hd0,3) , (hd0,4) ,etc... to try to fix this problem but nothing seems to work, i have read all on the previous posts to try to figure something out but notta, i have 1.61 and xp booted fixed before i stated trying to hide vista HD but now i just keep getting error messages. any help would be appricated.