Vista SP1 RC Public Beta


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It's now available for anyone to try. You have to go through specific steps to enable your machine to download it, however. Check HERE.

After installation your machine will display "Evaluation Copy" at the lower right-hand side of the screen even though you have a genuine version of Vista already installed, this is normal.

When SP1 goes RTM then you should uninstall this update first.

Support via Technet:
Last edited: downloaded (took ages even with a high-speed connection) and said it had installed, then asked me to restart. Before shutting down the usual "configuring updates" type screen appears but this time stating "Installing Service Pack Stage 1 of 3 - 0 percent. Do not power off" it hung there forever and I had a doctor's appointment so had to go out.
(my upcoming European Holiday starting next Monday is now cancelled - had a "silent" heart attack apparently).
When I got back - the same Vista screen now said "Service Pack installation failed - reversing changes" which hung for about 15 minutes then I could boot into Vista. Although it hadn't applied the SP1 my Vista now states "Evaluation Copy Build 6000" even though the licence is still installed (would have been 6001 if the SP had taken) so now have to try it all again.
Am holding off as I have a number of things to do on my machine and I don't need interruptions!!
Well, there's supposedly a standalone installer out now, I'll see if I can find the link.

For what it's worth, SP1 for Office 2007 did the same damn thing with me: slowed my PC down for 50 minutes then it said installation failed. When I tried to reinstall, it said that I was already running Office 2007 SP1.

Who knows :S

More importantly: what's a silent heart attack? Hope everything is OK?
I dont think it would say Build 6001 cause they have not updated the kernel to version 6.1 with the SP. I remember when i installed this SP a few weeks ago and did a winver it still said the Kernel was 6.0. So they have not gone and applied the updated kernel yet. I think they just made the changes to the kernel but not changed the number of the kernel.
Well I don't want my fully genuine product key to suddenly not be recognised in 90 days or however long it is that the beta lasts. The update did show as v6001 when it was installing, but as it failed, why the hell did it leave the evaluation tag behind?

A standalone might be my best bet now. I could save it to desktop and install ofline.

A silent heart attack is literally a heart attack that has gone unnoticed, for whatever reason - much like the two strokes that an MRI detected that I'd had in the past - again they went undetected.
All I know is that I have to stick close to home, my doctor and the local hospital network for at least 2 months.
Darn it..!!


By the way, it just failed a second time. According to Windows Update - it installed successfully, but it's in the shutdown sequence (Stages 1 and 2 - OK) then reboot (Stage 3 - 100%, then "didn't install").
And it takes forever and a day to "rewind" - pity it didn't remove the evaluation tag. For now all I can do hide the update.
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You're welcome.

Depending on the package, you may be able to slipstream your own SP1 DVD as well (with the /s switch).
I read that it's well nigh impossible to do that.


Well it failed again, and at the same stage. Says Stage 3 100% then fails. This time I have an error code 0x80041315
When it finally stopped "reverting", reboot, then even more "reverting" and allowed me to sign-in there was a firewall alert from McAfee (I'd already disabled VirusScan) asking for permission for some installer module.
Maybe if I disable all protection? I'm not trying again today. 3 times is enough for one day.

By the way, for a less than 500mb package it sure leaves enough crap behind...16gb each time to clean up.
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There is a VLite application out there just like NLite that will allow you slipstream drivers and such into your Vista DVD.
I always used Autostreamer and Nero in the past, but apparently slipstreaming Vista isn't that simple because Vista's DVD isn't laid out in the conventional manner. I think I'll wait until final SP1 to begin even thinking about it, thanks.

Right now I'd like to know what the heck is wrong with this SP1 beta installation.


Well guys and gals...the secret was to turn off all monitoring applications...virus, firewall, Winpatrol etc. etc. ... I now have Vista SP1 v.668...and guess what?

NO evaluation copy stamp....LOL
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That one who knows. I have had several issues myself getting it to work on my Vista install. I just formatted and started over. I know that isnt what you want to do. The only thing i can suggest is to remove the SP, if you can, then try again. Remove it i mean to get it off from the Control Panel Programs area.

I know that the vlite app works. I have used it to get soem drivers installed. But M$ is releasing Vista with SP1 DVD's to MSDN already. I have got that on my list of downlaods along with XP with SP3 already as well.


Well that is great. I didnt think there was a eval stamp or anything on these anymore. I know it wasnt on mine. But Congrats Peter. Nice to see that you got it working.
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Hmmmm... Perhaps I need to turn off Kaspersky then before I try to install SP1?

Congrats on figuring this one out, Peter!
Hmmmm... Perhaps I need to turn off Kaspersky then before I try to install SP1?

Congrats on figuring this one out, Peter!

Yes, enable Windows Firewall and disable all other protection and monitoring-type software,

I also found that the watermark returns at reboot (as build 6001) but there are ways and means of getting rid of it, which I have done.
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I dont know. I was able to install sp1 with my antivirus on. However, it does show the evaluation copy thing at the bottom. Does that mean i should uninstall it and do it again or what?
No - you have got nothing to worry about... Since it's a beta version of SP1, it'll put that evaluation thing at the bottom. When you upgrade to SP1 final, it'll go away.

Congratulations on getting it installed :smile:
If you find that watermark annoying, you can remove it. Instructions HERE.
Word has it that this (& probably all) betas should be uninstalled before loading the final or any future versions.
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Just discovered something surprising. Vista is now reporting the full 4gb of memory, don't ask me how because I haven't a clue.
Also my "score" went up from 4.0 to 4.1.