Windows Mail Annoys Me!

Thanks...I already have my sounds main question right now is where did this utility vanish to. It was sitting pretty in my notifcation area until I booted up the next day...and now it's gone.
No problem.

Just to clear things up:
You now have everything requested in the first post?
Audible notification and tray minimization?
No it just sits there and basically is another short cut to Windows notifcations apparent, however, I just discovered that my Windows Mail is not polling for mail unless I click Send/Receive, despite being to set to poll every 5 minutes.
It doesn't *show* notifications, it just hides WM to the tray.
WM by default should *sound* an alert when a new message is received via auto-message checking. Manual Send/Receive won't trigger the sound.

but maybe its becuase its a .exe but idk

i downloaded it and run it and everything, (from the first attachment by NH )

run the exe inside and it came up, i closed it and havent done anything yet lol
^ me

no it worked i guess

it opened i little tray icon, and i just closed it, i dont use windows mail (although after getting the last update they sent me a message interesting???)

so i just closed it, i try to keep my try cleaned up, only having thing i use running in the background

as to that: i have user ... control thingy disabled, so i dont have to have the pop-up's asking for my password, and i always have the red shield in my tray :frowning: any way to get rid of that?

(lol what i have running in tray: pidgin, steam, yahoo messenger, avast!(x2), logitech quickcam, sound effects, Mouse suite, winamp agent, and CCAA (Cisco Clean Access Agent) (as well as the default network connection, and sound )
Here's my tray from a couple of months ago:

Now it's bigger, with FeedDemon, iReboot, network monitor, and a couple of other things there too :smile:
^ lol fun

my task bar is double hight its bigger and i like it more lol

as for my quick start icons: GIMP, Inkscape, show desktop, switch between windows, IE, FF, opera, quick time player, yahoo messenger, winamp, VMworkstation, fastsum, ntune, and wmp
Well my Quick Launch has 8 items in it.

2 Folders (1 for games 1 for Utilties) Windows Live Mail, Zune, Safari, IE, Firefox and Opera.

The folder conatins quite a few shortcuts in them. Basically anything tha was on my desktop when i installed it is in the Utilties folder. Nero and such things. The games has well the games shortcuts. My taskbar isnt to bad. I think about 8 things as well.