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I am new at this so I apologise if I have put this in the wrong place.
I have windows xp installed on one hard drive without partitions and new hard drive with win 7 . I cannot get xp to boot in dual booting tells me windows root \ system3\ ntoskrnl.exe is missing. When I try to repair this with winxp repair console it does not recognise anything I type then it tells me PC has non standard or invalid master boot record. I am too nervous to try and use MBR repair. I am using the latest EasyBCD2.0.
Thanks in advance to anyone who has the time to help.
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Hi Rob, welcome to NST.
Don't go repairing things with an XP disk. You'll probably overwrite your W7 boot.
Put the W7 disk first in your BIOS boot sequence
Boot into W7
Install EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7) on W7
add/remove button
windows tab
select XP in "type" dropdown
click add

when it offers to auto-configure the XP boot, say yes.
don't change the drive letter for XP, it knows what it's doing.

choose XP from the dual-boot menu
apply this registry hack to XP to protect W7
check in Explorer that you cannot open files on the W7 partition

If you can open W7 files after successfully applying the hack, then have read of this thread about HnS
Hi Terry, Thanks for replying. I have carried out tasks that you advised but will not boot into xp from dual boot menu, says ntdl? file missing. Any other ideas?
capture a screenshot of W7 disk management with the snipping tool, save it as .jpg, click "go advanced" below the quick reply box and use the paperclip icon to attach the file.
Run EasyBCD "display settings" and copy/paste the output (in debug (detailed) mode) into your post.
Hi, Can anyone help me out, I am not used to win 7 and am trying to add an attachment of EasyBCD screenshot but it doesnt matter what format I save it as, it will not upload to my message, keeps saying not valid image whatever format I use. Thanks in advance. Rob.
yes that is a known problem with the upload feature of these forums. You'll have to upload the image(s) to a 3rd party site, and link to them, click the image icon, and give the url to the image(s) until its fixed.
File uploading.

Can anybody advise me how to upload a screenshot to this site, I have tried everything I know and cannot get one to upload.
Dummie instructions would be great. Thanks, Rob.
"go advanced" below "quick reply" box.
Use the paperclip icon
Attach screenshots as .jpg (saved from "snipping tool" with "save as ")
Use highest compression consistent with the screenshot remaining readable, to minimize file upload size.
OK Rob, Go back into Disk Management, give that System Reserved Partition a letter, delete the XP entry from the BCD and add it again, letting it auto-configure.
Latest builds of EasyBCD should be able to cope with an unlettered "system" partition, but a few people have had problems. I'll flag this one to CG.
Is that small HDD an IDE disk not SATA ?
Thanks Terry your a star. I think its 99% there now I can now get into win xp even form iboot/ Could you just give me a bit more help how can I get rid of the win boot menu that comes up.
Thanks Rob.


Sorry Terry the 160gb h/d is Sata.
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If this is before you see the boot menu, then that would explain why the auto-configure didn't work.
Back in my first post
"Put the W7 disk first in your BIOS boot sequence"
right up front.
Look at the BIOS splash screen as you power up, follow the instructions to enter the BIOS setup.
Navigate to the Boot section
Put your W7 disk ahead of the XP disk in the boot order.
hi, sorry for replying to this thread. but i think i have the same problem.

after i upgrade vista to 7, i can't boot into xp (which is in drive d). i'm using easybcd 2.0 build 76 and accept auto-configure, but the xp won't load/crash.

then i change the associated setting in easybcd, but then the Windows Boot Manager ask me to repair it with the windows installation disc. and stating that;
File: \NTLDR
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

then i tried manual configuring/copying boot files but then got stuck when i can't find the boot.ini, & ntldr in the xp directory (even though i showed the hidden files/folders & system files). is it okay if i copy the boot.ini, & ntldr from another computer with xp on it? :grinning:

PS: i attached detailed/debug from the easybcd and disk management screenshot (which there's 2 partition that i can't assign the drive letter.)

Thanks :smile:


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