Windows root

yes, but when i'm installing the Intel Matrix Storage Manager it says that the computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements.. :x
Got to find the right one for your system. Google "Intel Matrix Storage Manager Computer Model SATA XP" and see what results you find.
No, you need to find one that is compatible with your exact model of computer and hardware (as well as compatible with XP), otherwise it wont work.
I believe one of the users (don't remember which one it was) did not have NTLDR or NTDETECT.COM on his computer at all, and so that could be why the auto-configure failed. However, I think I remember you saying CG sometime in the past that the auto-configure feature creates those files from scratch (and doesn't copy them)..but now you're saying it copies them. So which is it? :smile:

Both :smile:

It creates them from scratch locally, and then copies them to the correct destination when you use the auto-config wizard.