About NeoSmart Technologies

NeoSmart Technologies is a private software research and development firm, started by founder Mahmoud Al-Qudsi in 2004 and currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. NeoSmart Technologies specializes in the development of software solutions for consumers, small and medium businesses, and OEMs/computer manufacturers.

As one of the few firms focusing on the creation of low-level solutions in this day and age, NeoSmart Technologies is dedicated to answering some of the persistent problems faced in the IT industry ever since its inception, including data integrity, system configuration, and the repair/recovery of workstations and servers.

NeoSmart’s software solutions have adopted and used by some of the biggest names in the IT industry; products like EasyBCD and Easy Recovery Essentials have been downloaded tens of millions of times and used to configure and recover computers and data hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

The NeoSmart Files is the official blog and online channel for NeoSmart Technologies, where updates on the latest company developments are posted, opinions on various technologies and happenings in the tech industry are voiced, and the feedback of users and partners is solicited and studied.

NeoSmart Technologies has an open project policy, being more than happy and willing to explore new territories and take on daunting challenges. Having successfully developed customized solutions pertaining to low-level systems such as firmware development, bootloader customizations for OEMs and distributors, and system library development for other ISVs, NeoSmart Technologies has gained a reputation as always providing efficacious and effective solutions to complex problems for a wide range of clients.

Companies seeking consultancy or looking to contract the development of custom software solutions are welcomed to send questions and proposals to neosmart@neosmart.net. All feedback is welcome, and NeoSmart Technologies will always strive for perfection in all its endeavours.