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What a nuisance !
This is not freshly installed, but is a fairly clean x64 install. The PC was a brand new AMD dual core, PCI -Express graphics, two channel memory, SATA HDD build in October and I spent a month playing with Vista and XP on it, trying to get the TV function of the AIW GT X800 card working under Vista, but finally abandoning the attempt and settling for the dual boot XP/TV, Vista everything else approach with a completely fresh reinstall of Vista just before my 30 days were up.
So this build is only 5-6 weeks old and fully WUD'd since then with just Maxthon Browser, Opera
my old faithful Lotus Smartsuite workhorse and Redshift 5 installed. I also installed Adobe Premiere Elements 2, but that hangs Vista in an orgy of pagefile thrashing, so I only use it on XP now.
Redshift also failed to run after system boot until I marked it with Admin privileges, but is fine now.
I also use a little freeware Backup program called EZBackitup, which if you haven't come across it I can thoroughly recommend for mirroring your user files. It's reliable and lightning fast, and is always my last 2 click action of the day before shutdown.
Incidentally when I came out of XP just now and back into V64, I still got the "no execute" nag. It wasn't a one-off.
I assume it must be an x64 problem then.
The only difference between the x86 and x64 UAC implementations that I can find is with regards to the process virtualization implementations.

If you start iReboot (ok the UAC prompt) then taskmanagar, and choose to show the "Virtualization" column, do is it say virtualized or not for ireboot.exe? and irebootservice.exe?




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OK, I'm seriously at a loss here - I can't find anything in the code that should behave differently under x64 than x86. This is written in a managed language, so there should never be a difference anyway, but I've conformed to all the unmanaged language standards out there as well.

iReboot explictly requests that UAC not be triggered by including an embedded manifest decleration that specifies it should be run asInvoker, i.e. as the user that started it.

In this case, iReboot should experience an error when trying to run a privileged operation and crash - not ask for elevation.

Did you by any chance install SP1 RC or something?
Both processes show "Not Allowed" under virtualisation, and No I haven't installed the Beta SP1.
I generally let braver souls like you and Peter find the bugs first - being MS I always expect several.
But as I said, it's completely up to date with WUD which has had several x64 specific fixes.

I have read elsewhere on the web, in a security article, don't remember where, that x64 is much more secure than x86 !
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OK, this just occurred to me.

Did you at any point in the past choose to force iReboot to run as administrator from the File Properties page?

Like below:


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AHA - cracked it.
I certainly didn't set it that way on this install, and I don't know why it wasn't cleared by the 1.0 uninstall, but YES it was still ticked to run that way, though I don't even remember doing it .
It works fine now - I just unticked it and rebooted to check.

I knew there was something wrong - the embedded manifest explicitly tells Vista not to request elevation.

If you set it on the old version, there's a good chance that Vista copied it across to the new version - probably another of those "features" no one seems to really benefit from.

Anyway - I guess that means it works on x64 and x86 alike? :grinning:
Guru i can confrim that this works on Vista Sp1 x86 with UAC enabled.

Just did a fresh install today and used this and restarted without a single prompt after the install prompts.:tongueout:

Great work. I have used this to go from Vista SP1 to MCE with SP3 and Ubuntu. Not a single glitch.
Thanks Mak.

Yeah, it's probably ready to be released.... Haven't found any other bugs myself, either. :smile:
I figured it would be good to test it out with SP1 preinstalled. At least that way when the time starts to come when Vista with SP1 rolls out you wont have to change anything.
Hit a slight glitch on Vista x64 this morning that I've not seen before.
During startup, from across the room, I saw an error message flash up before disappearing behind other tasks.
When I came and clicked on the error task button there was a message that iReboot was unable to communicate with the iReboot service, due to the request having been "actively turned down" or words to that effect.
Clicking on the iReboot Icon in the notification area showed no boot choices to select.
Stopping and starting again manually fixed the problem, so I guess there's a random timing problem between the task and the service in the bootime startup.
Hmmm. Only thing I can think of is that the iReboot service hadn't yet started when iReboot ran?

Did you log on as soon as the logon screen appeared? Or does it logon automatically (no password)?
It's all automatic - I just hit the on button and come back later to my fully functioning environment - Normally.
I'd assume it's a timing problem between the two, but it hasn't happened before today.
Yeah, that's the only thing I can think of as well.

Normally, I'd have the client application check if the service is started and if not, start it. But in this case, I cannot do anything that requires admin privileges, including starting and stopping services.

Windows is supposed to give priority to starting up services first... I dunno.
I suppose you could always do something as crude as a 20 sec wait before initiating the task, after all nobody's going to want the reboot facility immediately after booting anyway so it wouldn't matter if it didn't appear at once,
Or more tidily, can you check if the service is running without needing privileges, and wait till you get a positive response ? (you'd need a self destruct in case the service had failed and was never going to appear I guess.)

PS My other worry was the "actively turned down" nature of the message - implying that the service was there but just not co-operating for some strange reason ?
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I like that - check at startup for the service, then every 30 seconds thereafter, perhaps....
It could have just a glitch in the Vista startup. It has happened to me several times on my laptop. A reboot solves it. HAve you restart since and gotten the same error message repeatly?
No Mak - It's only happened to me once. But then again I haven't rebooted since - Only manually restarted iReboot.
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So it could have jsut been a glitch in the startup. I have had that happen several times. After starting up the applications manually and working on the PC for a while then rebooted to see if it was just a glitch or nto. Found out it was jsut a glitch.

Since this is a issue that has only arisen once i wouldnt go as far as recoding it to get the app to start 30 seconds after the service till we can confirm this is a issue and not just a glitch. :wink:
That's the point Mak. It can just happen randomly depending on the exact sequence that Vista choses to execute the scores of visible and invisible tasks and services it floods the system with.
If iReboot needs a particular sequence, it would seem it can't rely on Vista, it'll have to do something itself. It depends on your definition of "glitch". In this case it would seem to be a "design feature" of Vista to be unpredictable.
I think, in this forum, we're all the sort of people who don't like unpredictability ?
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