[Download] UAC-Free iReboot BETA

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I too have had the odd startup glitch with iReboot in Vista Ultimate (x86) but then I've had the same problems with just about every startup item at some stage or other.
I think it's merely one of Vista's less endearing traits.
That's true... and unfortunately it's a developer's job to work around these less endearing traits :grinning:
Just an update Guru,
Since I first reported this as a one-off, it's become more frequent. I don't know what specifically has altered in my startup sequence, but now iReboot fails to start more often than it succeeds.
You're welcome! :grinning:

Hopefully this does the trick and I can push out iReboot 1.1 Final soon :smile:
Strangely, since leaving the last message that it was happening a lot - it hasn't happened since ?
Still I'll try this one out, though if the HnS I've just downloaded works, I shan't know which one to go with !

I tested it by manually stopping the service, starting ireboot, then starting the service a while later. Don't know if that qualifies.
Tried and tested Guru, Fine on both Vista and XP.
Time will tell about the sync, but since you did your manual stop /start test, that would seem to be that .
Still in use because HnS not quite ready yet - see other thread.
I haven't stopped this from running on Vista and XP, though since build 37, HnS has been left active so this is redundant. I left it running so I can report though that it appears to be functioning perfectly as regards the former service timing problem.

Any thoughts as to when it will be HnS compatible Guru ? I really miss it now. The combo iR/HnS would be the perfect partnership to satisfy the wishes in my 1st and 4th posts in this forum last year.

Or is there an even better way to put another option in the top level bootloader e.g.
(Unhide) Vista
XP (hide Vista)

Ideally I'd love to have a "boot Vista" Icon in XP and a "boot XP" Icon in Vista just sitting there waiting to be used if needed

So very nearly there now !
Well, ideally I'd release iReboot 1.1 now, and a HnS-compatible version 1.2 after the final release of HnS to guarantee compatibility and minimize time wasted on making iReboot work with interim builds of HnS.

But what I can do is release 1.1 now, and start a thread for 1.2 beta....
iReboot has been updated. Features fixes to startmenu locations on non-English versions of Windows + memory optimizations. If all goes well, this build will be pushed out for final release in the upcoming week.
That's up to you :smile:

99.9% sure that this same file is going to be the download next week, though.
1.0.0 is the latest stable version of iReboot.

All versions uploaded to this thread (i.e. UAC-free versions of iReboot) have been 1.1.x; and that's the release that's coming this week, god willing.
So did I just download the same one I had before or...? Sorry, you lost me somewhere enroute.
Which one did you download?

The one on the first post of this thread is the latest (and hasn't been available before a couple of hours ago).
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