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Hi all!

Just a quick note to say hi! I am new to the world of linux and so I have a lot to learn. I am attempting to set up a new computer with a dual boot . . . Windows 7 (32bit) and Ubuntu. So far it's not working but I want to read here for a while before I start bugging you all with questions! Anyway thanks for the welcome :??


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Coucou everybody. I am french and i try to make a multi-boot system with ubuntu, seven and two windows xp installed on tree hdd. that's work for ubuntu and seven (by grub 2) but not for elder windows os. I will try with bootmgr now. Thanks to Neosmart for his beta release of EasyBcd !
If any, sorry for bad english writing !


Hi everyone. Glad to be aboard. If I can overcome my obsession and compulsion to multibooting more and more OS's and downloading more and more software, etc., I might decrease my odds of catastrophe and get a chance to help others and not be needing almost daily help myself. I have hundreds of disks of software on shelves and in binders and a movie jukebox of 1400 movies. I know it's a disease. When will I realize that I have too much of too many things on too many computers? I won't live long enough to utilize 20 percent of it. Still I'm always tormented about the one operating system or the one device that's not working. Sorry...


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Hello All:

Hello, I thank you for welcoming me to neosmart.
I don't have much to say about myself,I have been playing around with computers as a hobby since the 286 era.


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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum

I've been a macuser for years but now I've just built my first pc and will shortly attempt to install XP, 7pro, Fedora12 and a Fedora12 spin.

Consequently, I've been trawling forums looking for tips...and I've found quite a bit of good info here, thanks for that!

BTW, my name is Billy and I live on a hill.




I come here to ask questions in the hope that EasyBCD will fix my stupid mistake.
I am a retired UNIX Administrator/Data Base Administrator. i am going to go post my question in the correct forum (I hope) now.


Greetings & thanx for allowing me 2 register!

Am certain that I'll shortly need some Xpertise from those on-board as I have been used to WinXP Pro(x32) & Win7(RC) (x32) dual-boot operating as ordained... but since I now have a clean Nstall over the Win7(RC) with Win7 Home Premium (x64), I'll need 2 Nstall "iReboot" on that side of the fence.

Currently with 2 HDD's of 650 GB's & 2 partitions on each, I'll look forward 2 the school-calls here since I didn't set up this machine up initially & know very little about whether or not I should stick with "ireboot 1.1.exe" for the new OS since that's what's now on the XP side, vs the new "ireboot 1.1.1.exe".

Very much looking forward 2 it!

Kind regards,


New here.
Already I have posted a problem and have gotten enough help to get myself through it in under a 48 hour period. (Would have been less if I would have checked back sooner =])
I'll be enjoying my stay here as long as it is welcome =]


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Hi all, also a newbie on Linux here...
The reason I got here in the 1st place is that I used EasyBCD to handle a Win XP and Win7 dualboot on my main system and was struggeling to get the same thing on a new build, small home-server but dualbooting Win7 and Ubuntu on it.
That gave me some issues as I installed Ubuntu first, then Win7 and was unable to get the dualboot working.
So I decided to start all over again, this time by installing Win7 first.
I still haven't installed Ubuntu, I need to resize the Win-partition first and create a new 1 for Ubuntu..and see if I can get the dualboot to work this time...

As I have been looking into Linux over the past time, I'd like to learn more so I'll be able to help out others in the future as soon as I have lost my "newborn nursery feathers" :smile:

Jack Straw

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hey all, I was pointed here by your FAQ pages after dicking around with boot.ini trying to dualboot Win7 and XP.

bootcfg /rebuild wouldn't work because it complained of bad drives...
chkdsk /r wouldn't fix it. Except I don't think anything was wrong with the drives because XP was working great till I installed 7, and 7 works fine.. it just wouldn't let me back into XP.

I tried creating my own boot.ini and obviously couldn't get the right drive #'s and partition # so I came here to get BCD2.0. It worked immediately, unlike the 1.72.
So thanks a ton, I really appreciate your hard work both on the program and the FAQ pages. As soon as I secure gainful employment I'd like to donate, but unfortunately I've been out of work since APril. :huh:


Need Easy BCD beta release

Hi, my first post. Just registered I am a EE, federal employee who is basically just a user. No computer knowledge, programmi ng knoweledge or anything above being a basic Windows users.

I notice from another thread that if you want to dual boot W7 and Ubunru, you need version 2 Beta......I am assuming current releae has only been "coded" for Vista. If true, I would like access to the version 2 Beta download section.


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Hi there -

long time reader first time poster... I've yet to come up with a question that someone hasn't already answered, but this forum has bailed me out more than once, most recently with GRUB2 and a Ubuntu 9.10 install on my main Vista PC. I'm now one step closer to finally parting company with Microsoft once and for all, its just a matter of time.

"I'm a PC and Windows 7 was NOT my idea."
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