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I'm SilverMermaid from the UK and I've been using computers since about 1989, including building them from scratch and troubleshooting both our own and friends' computers. I'm a bit of a middle aged female 'geek' :??

I'm currently running Win Vista Business 64 bit on an AMD quad core 64 bit processor but I have a new copy of Win 7 Pro in hand - I've just never been an 'early adopter' of MS operating systems so I may wait until Service Pack 1 arrives before I take the plunge :wink:

I've also played with Linux and am intending to take a new course from the Open University in the UK in May : T155- Linux: an introduction

I've dual booted computers in the past but they have not been simple to set up so I found this forum and decided to join (and download the program)

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W7's fine Mermaid.(regard it as Vista SP3).
Well worth installing now in a dual boot with Vista.
You'll find threads here about porting over some of the Vista facilities which were omitted (like Mail).
Because they both use the same bootmgr, dual booting is simple.


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Hi to everyone

I'm registered why need the last version of your EasyBcd program. My name is Alied, and my job is Tecnic informatic, with all everyone need help for hardware, pm me only and posible solutions to you... This comunity is great for Multi Os installations...:smile:


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need top recover vista for a tashiba laptop stallite was lost how do you make a recovery cd to get it back???????????????:tongueout:oint::grinning::happy:


give me download idea thank you
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Hiya.. I got what seemed to be an automated PM; s'why I made this reply. Let me give this a go:

1) I'm here because someone recommended a program that was available thru a post on this forum.

2) I'm definately a bit skeered being in a forum where people know so much about computers.. paranoia starts kickin in.

3) My signature and stuff isn't put together; if you notice I have one then it's safe to say I like it here and have settled in.

4) I know enough about computers to get myself in plenty of trouble.



Hi everyone!

Just stopped by to say I've been using EasyBCD 1.7.2 for a while now, and it's terrific! I look forward to the improvements in 2.0, although I'm hard-pressed to imagine what those would be (unless you can somehow boot Ubuntu 9.10 from a logical partition?). So keep up the good work, and I'm glad to be here!



Hello to all

Hello to all,
Just registered and probably one of the many that found you through the misery of crisis.

But first the intro:
60 year old retired military photographer.
Started playing computer with a Zenith Z100 and an Apple 2e.
Multi-lingual, DOS, all flavors of Windows, but most accomplished with a Mac.
Can usually research my way out of trouble, hence my presence here.
Have a hard time living by the old adage, If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Change is good. Laissez-faire rots the brain.
My fun time is spent ocean fishing in a kayak.
My other fun time is spent traveling with my wife.

Off to venture around your site and see if I can find the answer to my current dilema.



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Hey Dennis the Menace :smile:

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies! Hope you find what you are looking for and let us know if you need anything.


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Hi comrades,

I've been an avid user of both tweakUI x64 and of course our beloved EasyBCD. My favorite has always been WinXP x64 but I started to appreciate the merits of Win7 since its early beta builds. Anyway, glad to be with you all.



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Perhaps like most people the reason I'm here is dual (or actually triple) boot issues causing me to seek out EasyBCD. In this case Had a dual boot XP system with 100Gb or space, so stuck win7 on there in October and have been pleased enough to wish to move all my windows computing on to it. Recently got a serious error with one of the XP partitions, which I used as an excuse to finally wipe it and finalise moving my main office over to Win7. Decided to create a second Win7 partition on the blank space to see how it fared with my DAW software, plug-ins etc and the second installation (in the first portion of the HD) managed to wipe out all boot records except itself. Repairing the original 7 installation with the win7 DVD was successful, giving access to the two Win7 partitions, but the XP Installation (my current DAW computer) was invisible. Hence, EasyBCD, and hence needing to create a new XP entry. Have just downloaded 2.0 and will have a go at adding a new XP entry and seeing what happens!


PS this is the second computer I've built (in terms of CPU/Mobo) and it first came to life in 2007. The first one I built was back in 2001, and prior to that I messed around with PC's and Apples, harking back to a Sinclair ZX81 in '81 and a BBC Microcomputer after it. Did a bit of Pascal, C and 68000 Assembly in University, but basically I'm more of a user than a serial tweaker.
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Hi Everyone,
My name is Davey Crockett, I am 32 and a computer repair tech in NJ and been working with windows XP for about 10 yrs and when vista came out i began to love it. I enjoy computers but they are like your mind, without it you'll get lost, like a chicken without a head!!!!!, LOL