The Introduction Thread


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Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, guys :smile:

Glad to have you here!


Chris: I loved hacking on the 68k! It's always astonishing to realize how much can be done with such ancient equipment ..... and so much faster than modern tech does too!
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I've been using EasyBCD for just a couple of days.

I am currently undertaking a contract to perform some internationalization testing and have set up a triple-boot PC with:

English XP on C:
Windows Vista /Windows 7 (multiple languages)
non-English XP (Polish, Finnish, etc)

Naturally, what with reloading OSes several times per day, it took me no time at all to get to an "oops" moment and install an XP to my C: drive, thus destroying my Vista BCD.

EasyBCD to the rescue! I downloaded v2.0 Beta 82 (which claims to be Beta 81) and was home and dry in just a few minutes.


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Hi Mark, glad you've found EasyBCD useful. Might I suggest VMs though if you're reloading several times a day to do testing? You can easily do this with something like VirtualBox.
Hello everyone!

I found this program on a tutorial that shows you how to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows. I didn't want to take the risk and destroy my Windows installation, so I installed GRUB 2 to a different partition. All that was left to do was point the Windows Boot Manager to the GRUB bootloader. I couldn't understand bcdedit, so I downloaded this program. It looks very promising! :smile:


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Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, EagleYS... Glad you found EasyBCD helpful!
Hi, I don't speak or write very well the english language. So, please excuse my errors. I'm coming in because I was Googling (and Binging) to learn how to do a dual boot WinXP-32 bit + Win7-64 bit, in different partitions on the same drive. I think EasyBCD 2 will do the job.
I'm 69 years old, and a (partly) retired general surgeon.


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Hi PVal, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies :smile:

What do you currently have installed?

Open a new topic in the EasyBCD support section, and we'll be glad to help!
hello all,

i came here yesterday to download and test easybcd 2.0 beta. i got problem dual-boot windows 7 with retail snowy leo before. easybcd save my day! :smile:

thanks a lot!
Tnx NST! i would like 2 ask about my probs. my compaq presario's OS is windows vista starter edition. 64 bit. i accidntally deleted the partitions for recovery. now im stuck with bootmgr is missing message. even if i bought the windows vista ultimate, its still not working. i also encounter the msg: intall.wim. i knw i nid the recovery disc from hp itself, but is there any other way to install windows vista starter in its factory settings in a cheaper way? pls help me...... tnx so much to nst and more power....
Hi, my first post was going to be a desperate plea for help, but I like the idea of introducing myself better. :wink:

I'm a mostly self taught usually Linux user. I enjoy breathing life back into old machines and figuring out solutions to problems on my own. My typical reaction to messing up my computer is that i want to fix it before anyone finds out. I love helping newbies, have found that most of the time what someone in a panic needs the most is to be reassured of their own abilities and maybe something as simple as a fresh, calm perspective. I can't tell you how many times I've been thanked for doing nothing more than coming up with the right google search terms and saying, "well, if that didn't work, then let's try this instead."

I'm the one in a panic today. I was pretty sure I had completely ruined the MBR of a machine that means a lot to me and a friend suggested I try Easy BCD before giving up and throwing away the hard drive.

I'll make my panic post with more details after a look around to make sure my questions haven';t already been answered.


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Hiya noordinaryspider, welcome to NST and thanks for politely introducing yourself first!

My name is Keith and I am just dropping by to say hello and will be reading and posting my plea for help on your forums.
I have been using Easy BCD for a while now and have been meaning to join but only just got round to it.



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There are a few of us oldies here follower, welcome aboard.
Hello everyone here, I've just installed on 2 different hardisk W7(64 bit) & W7(32 bit) and instead of unplugging the molex connector to choose OS, I'd thought it is a good idea to try the EasyBCD Beta 2.0.
Another thing I have learn about NeoSmart Technologies is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote and develop technologies in the true sense of advancement.
I'm impressed.


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Hiya Easyuen, welcome to NST :smile: