We Love You, Rinbot!

It’s not often that we openly sympathize with the virii writers, but this time, it’s too good to be true. Rinbot Generation 7 is targeting Symantec [[SYMC]] and Symantec users – and that’s a good thing.

Anyone using Symantec’s anti-virus software from 2006 and hasn’t updated it is vulnerable to a very powerful complete remote control vulnerability. What does Symantec have to say about it?

Users of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition and Symantec Client Security should apply the appropriate update as soon as possible, Vincent Weafer, a senior director at Symantec Security Response, said Tuesday. However, because there are no known attacks that exploit the flaw, the need to patch is not urgent, he added.

That’s an excerpt from a c|net article dating all the way back to May of 2006 – a year ago now. Thanks to Symantec’s non-chalance and Turner Broadcasting Systems’ (the owners of CNN) complete disregard for standard IT procedures, they were infected earlier today by Rinbot.

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