Embed only the video from another post on X or Twitter

It's easy enough on iOS, but what about on the desktop or web?

Twitter has a new-ish feature that lets you embed only the video from another post or tweet in a post/tweet of your own (without quote-replying the source tweet itself). Only the video is then embedded in your post, and a small attribution appears at the bottom identifying where the video came from:

In the screenshot above, Sarah is sharing a video that was originally shared by Luc, but she’s not embedding/quoting Luc’s tweet itself – only the video. This post will cover how to do that yourself, both on the desktop/web and in the iOS Twitter app on iPhone.

All of Twitter’s features are really just special-cased handling of URLs, and video embedding is no different. If you want to quote-reply, you are actually just posting something followed by the URL of the original tweet you want to quote. For example,

Look at the size of this crowd!

ends up with the following quote reply:

And similarly, embedding just the video from a tweet is as simple as appending /video/1 to the URL of the source tweet. In this case:

Look at the size of that crowd! #LibérezPalestine


On iOS, in the Twitter/X app, this is all done for you automatically. If you just long-press on a video, you can use the “Post Video” option in the menu that pops up to have twitter copy-and-paste the full tweet URL with the /video/1 already appended for you:

If the source tweet/post contains more than one video, you can change the 1 in /video/1 to a different number in order to embed a video other than the first one in the post.

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