AsyncLock 3.0 for .NET 5.0 Released

Safe, re-entrant locking in async contexts

An updated version of AsyncLock has just been released on GitHub and Nuget with improved support for reentrancy detection.

AsyncLock is a async/await-native anonymous lock for .NET and .NET Core that allows safely using async/await while holding a lock, for example:

class AsyncLockTest
    AsyncLock _lock = new AsyncLock();

    void Test()
        // The code below will be run immediately and asynchronously.
        // It *may* be run in a new thread, but we can't know.
        Task.Run(async () => {
            // This first LockAsync() call should not block
            using (await _lock.LockAsync())
                // This second call to LockAsync() will be recognized
                // as being a reëntrant call and go through
                using (await _lock.LockAsync())
                    // We now hold the lock exclusively and no one else
                    // can use it for 1 minute
                    await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1));

        // This call to obtain the lock is synchronously made from the main
        // thread. It will, however, block until the asynchronous code which
        // obtained the lock above finishes
        using (_lock.Lock())
            // We have now obtained exclusive access

Refer to the original article covering async locking for more information.

You can install AsyncLock via the dotnet or nuget command line applications:

dotnet add reference NeoSmart.AsyncLock

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