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Hello Everyone,

In the hopes that translators are subscribed to replies from this thread: EasyBCD 2.3 beta is nearing release and is string-complete. There should not be, God willing, any textual changes from now until the final release (which is hopefully very, very soon), meaning you can feel free to translate based off 2.3 Beta:

The biggest changes involve adding Windows 10 references were appropriate, deprecating references to Vista/7/8 by replacing with "BCD" where appropriate, the change from "timeout options" to "menu options" as the purpose of that entire page has changed, the metro bootloader strings, the text for the Useful Utilities, and the EFI help text.

The process and utilities involved in creating or updating localizations has not changed.

Thank you!
Hi Mahmoud,
here is the Italian translation update for EasyBCD.
Hope everything is OK (please verify!) and let me know.
If I can be of further help please feel free to contact me (


I revised the Italian language (please check the difference with your version). I found some typing errors, some uppercase/lowercase texts and some infinite verbs.
Please take care that I'm the translator of previous version than please leave my nick (bovirus) in the list of the Italian translator.
Is it normal in properties.xml


or should be


Thanks. Bye.



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Thank you all very much. I'll integrate all these into the next build and post back here with any questions or feedback as needed.

@bovirus the parent locale refers to the language from which strings that have not been set should be pulled. All languages should default to en-US (EasyBCD's default language) unless they are overriding another language, for example, let's say you are publishing a local Italian dialect, then you would use <parentLocale>IT</parentLocale> because IT inherits from en-US anyway.

Hi bovirus:
I have just given a look at your latest translation file, in my opinion it's almost perfect.
I added your name in the "About" box, please let me know if you prefer to be mentioned by your nickname only.
You'll find the updated Italian language file attached here.
Waiting for a reply I thank you very much for your effort.

Paolo (pviappiani)



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@niknikch45 merci beaucoup pour votre ouverte! Il est très apprécié!
@Tomanek1 Thanks for the update.
@pviappiani and @bovirus Thank you both very much for your help, I will include this update in the upcoming release. Italy is a beautiful country, my wife and I loved visiting it this summer!
@kostas85 thank you!
@Deseti_brat thanks again for being on top of things with the translation.

You guys are all awesome!