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I wanna translate to icelandic :smile: I love multiboot cd´s/usb ! I´ve been testing myself around for new things..

greets Postman Paul


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Ready to render all possible assistance in translating the program in Russian language
with respect nik (rus)


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We tenatively have translators for EasyBCD in:


If you can help, please let us know!

Why not add Arabic lan to the new version so far


أقلاع = Boot
سليم = Healthy
قرص منطقي = Logical Drive
Page File = Page File
تفريغ العطل = Crash Dump
قسم أساسي = Primary Partition
قسم موسع = Extended Partition
نشط = Active
النظام = System
إدارة الأقراص = Disk Management
المساحة الحرة = Free Space
غير مخصص = Unallocated
الحاسوب = Computer
الملف = File
حجم القرص = (disk) Volume
نظام الملفات = File system
الخدمات = Services
الأداء = Performance
المستخدمون = Users
النوع = Type
أساسي = (type) Basic
تخطيط = Layout
تخطيط بسيط = (layout) Simple
عارض الأحداث = Event Viewer
إدارة الأجهزة = Device Manage
التخزين = Storage
قابل للأزالة = Removable
للقراءة فقط = Read only
الحالة = Status
إجراء = Action
عرض = View
مساعدة = Help
إعدادات = Settings
خصائص = Properties


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It seems that you've already have Chinese translators?

Although my English is't very well,I can try my best to help too.


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Thanks :smile: We'll let you know.


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Good news, everyone: While it's been 4 and a half years since this thread was started, EasyBCD localization is finally here.

EasyBCD 2.2 Beta Builds - Page 6

I'll be posting more instructions and tools soon, as well as setting up a translation mailing list and publicly accessible source control repository to make keeping all the different languages in sync easier.


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Uploaded a beta version of the NeoSmart Localization Toolkit.

You can use this to open the EasyBCD lang folder and look at the strings, as well as create and save new translations of EasyBCD strings.


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Working in catalan translation now! (then i'll start whith spanish)
In the beta it isn't an option to select language?


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Not at the moment. It'll definitely be in the next build.

For now, you can test the languages by overwriting the existing en-US XML files.


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Update NLTUI, this version fixes issues saving line breaks as reported by Manel.


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New version, adds all the missing icons, implements save and save all, fixes issues with green/orange/red versioning, derive from parent is enabled, supports cloned/linked entries, and fixes toolbar alignment.

Needed for EasyBCD build 165.


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Italian Translation

La Spezia, Italy, Dec. 14, 2011
Hi Mahmoud:
Here is Paolo from La Spezia, Italy. As I promised you some time ago, I did the EasyBCD language translation into
But, as I was not able to use your NLTUI, I did the job using my "Ultra-Edit32" Editor.
I'm attaching the "" file, please give a look at it and let me know ASAP.
I hope the results are good enough and can meet your expectations...
If further refinements are needed, I'll provide.
Please implement also the Italian Language in the next EasyBCD Beta Build and let me know! TYVM!
Best regards and greetings from Italy,
- Paolo Viappiani
Via G. B. Valle 7 19124 La Spezia, Italy
Phone: +139-187-21647


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Thank you, Paolo.

I have just released EasyBCD 2.2 beta build 166. It contains Catalan, Spanish, Italian, and English. Polish and German are on the way.

Paolo, I've made some changes to your XML format. You should be able to use NLTUI with the latest italian XMLs in EasyBCD 166.


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Great! Thank you, Computer Guru!

La Spezia, Italy, Dec. 14, 2011
Hi Mahmoud:
Thank you very much for your kind and early reply, and also for having implemented my Italian language files into
EasyBCD 2.2Beta - Build 166.
I just downloaded and installed that Build in order to give a look at the results...
Wonderful!!! I like the results very much and it seems to me that most of the work is OK. There are only a few
language issues that call for some (non-urgent) refinements, I'll do them when I have some spare time.
I think that the refinement work could be ready in about two-three weeks. Is it OK for you?
About the modifications you made, please feel free to modify anything as you like: the only purpose of my work is
to make your EasyBCD better!
Thanks again for everything, best regards!

PP.SS. Should you need further (or other) work, please feel free to contact me.


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No problem, Paolo.

There will be new strings as it is for any new features we add. I'll drop you an email when the strings in EasyBCD 2.2 are frozen.
I'm also working on making it easier to specify what sizes the buttons and labels are as some things are not scaling too well.


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Hello Ake,

We would love to have a Swedish translation :smile:

Just follow the steps in the first post of this thread to download a copy of NLTUI and use it on the strings in EasyBCD 2.2 beta build 166. You can preview the strings as you work, and when you have a working translation, just upload it here in a zip file.