And We Thought Java was the Same Everywhere!

Java. It’s that old language that runs code in a highly bloated virtual machine at slow speeds and terrible performance, especially on the Web. On a local PC, a Java’s just pure slow, but on the web Java can be … Continue reading

ReactOS Reviewed: The Next Windows?

The idea is simple: Linux isn’t always the best non-Windows operating system. Windows is excellent and unbeatable for quite a few people and tasks. But neither is perfect. Almost exactly 10 years ago, a team began to search for a … Continue reading

Firefox Fixes the Copy & Paste Bug at Last!

Today Mozilla has celebrated the release of Firefox, right after the release of Bon Echo Alpha 3. While everyone is talking about the new in-your-face Google Anti-Phishing Features bundled with Firefox (perhaps more on that later), we’re far more … Continue reading

Forcing Firefox Extensions to Work on Newer Versions

One of the biggest issues people have with Mozilla/Firefox extensions (besides security vulnerabilities) is the required version field that indicates which versions of Mozilla/Firefox that particular extension will run on. While that may at first seem a nifty feature, anyone … Continue reading