WYSIWYG Linux Blogging Clients?

It’s amazing: Linux, with all its millions of tiny freebie programs, FOSS applications, and even SourceForge and all its glory doesn’t have a single decent WYSIWYG blogging client. Not one!? That’s what Google says anyway. There’s “xfy Blog Editor” for Mac … Continue reading

Asus: Linux, Whether You Need it Or Not

It looks like Asus is going to be shipping all its motherboards from here on out with Linux built right in, as part of their “Express Gate” initiative. Express Gate is a custom Linux distribution (Splashtop Linux) installed to a … Continue reading

Mono Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

Reading through the daily Techmeme headlines, there was a story that would make any Windows’ developers’ hearts stop: “Microsoft Hosts Demo of Silverlight on Linux” Beat. Beat. Beat. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. <click>. Beeeeep. <wait>. Beeeeep. <read>. Beat. <relax>. Beat. Beat. … Continue reading

Please Microsoft, Stop Holding .NET Back!

As dedicated developers, end-users, and champions of Microsoft’s .NET Framework, we’re making a final plea to Microsoft and the .NET Framework team to save .NET and make it a real multi-platform framework. Please! Sun could (and did) do it with … Continue reading

10 Easy Steps to Make Your Linux Useable

Linux is an OS for nerds and it only runs on geek machines. No way my suave (circle one: XPS | G5 | Alienware) is gonna run Linux! Sound familiar? Don’t believe a word they say, the days of CLI-only … Continue reading

Why Tech Communities are Falling Through

Note: This is a personal opinion piece. Feel free to take this with several grains of salt. Hell, take the whole cube while you’re at it. I’ve been doing some thinking, and after having numerous conversations with some individuals who … Continue reading

pevents: a cross-platform Win32 events library

pevents, our implementation of Windows manual- and auto-reset events for Mac and Linux, is now officially pevents, our truly cross-platform win32 lightweight events library for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms. We first released pevents way back in 2011, when we … Continue reading

Ubuntu 7.04: Fiesty or Feisty, Which is it?

Ubuntu is a great Linux distro and all, but couldn’t they have chosen a better code-name for the latest version!? As everyone knows, geeks and nerds are the worlds biggest obsessive-compulsive, nit-picking grammar-Nazis, and they’re also the ones (at the … Continue reading