Never Buy Domains from 1&1

Never, ever buy domains from 1&1. Why? Let’s just put it this way: if a domain was a physical good that had to be shipped from one end of the USA to the other, or even imported from Europe to the States, it wouldn’t take as long for you to get it as it does when you buy from 1and1.

I’ve bought my fair share of domains via 1and1, and to be honest, on the few times in the past when I’ve needed the domain name ASAP, generally got the domain I bought within 24 hours. But now it’s been 4 days and 1and1 still hasn’t handed over the domain name that I bought and paid for. Instead, the domain shows up in the list of purchases with the status “The domain has been requested” – as if I care! I just want my domain name, and I want it now! The clients are waiting!

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Server Move Complete!

We’re on our new server! Thank you Lunarpages!

Well, for starters, if you can see this that means we’ve done everything right. Our server says we did anyway, but we just like to double-check and be sure. If you’re interested, our new IP address is (depending on which server responds), and you can test it by issuing a ping command or via nslookup. If you’re trying to get your friend’s PC to access this site, here’s how we did it:

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NeoSmart Technologies Goes Dedicated!

The time has finally come! It may seem a bit late to many of you, but for us the time is just right. Thanks to a very generous offer by Lunarpages Web Hosting, NeoSmart Technologies is going dedicated! We’ll have our very own home-configured server running everything you see – no more lag, no more “database connection failure” errors and no more “bandwidth exceeded” notices. Slashdot and Digg are no longer the terror of our days – bring it on!

Lunarpages has constantly made the “top ten webhosts” almost every time no matter who conducted the survey, we are extremely happy for this opportunity to improve the NeoSmart Experience by hosting with LP. Besides faster loading and less trouble, this means we can finally launch a whole new lineup of services that we’ve had planned for a while! Running a non-profit organization out of our pockets isn’t easy, but we’ve finally come into some luck with Lunarpages. Let’s just put it this way for now: you’ll never need to leave NeoSmart Technologies to find what you’re looking for if it’s related to technology in any way!

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