Avoid notebook sleep issues with a few easy steps

If you’re a notebook user, chances are you’ve encountered an issue with getting your computer to go to sleep peacefully. Something is either keeping it from drifting off to the land of 0’s and 1’s, or it can’t stay asleep, the hard drive just keeps tossing and turning and you open your bag to find a notebook so hot you could cook an egg on it.

What are the most common causes of notebook sleep issues?

  • A process running on the system does not allow the system to enter sleep mode.
  • A hardware interrupt, such as some peripheral devices for example.
  • An unstable driver which does not properly support sleep states or is just buggy.

I’ve owned several notebooks over the years, and almost every one of them have had an issue with sleep mode in one way or another, and over time I’ve learned a certain "practice" which ensures that sleep mode generally works when I close the lid of my computer…

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Nobody cares what platform you use. Period.

One of the most common things you’ll see on any technology based internet forum (I could name many, but why bother, I’m sure you all have your dungeons, caves, hiding spots, and water coolers that you hang out at), is a mammoth an ugly behemoth-sized cult that’s following reality distortion field religion behind every platform on the face of the planet. Who really knows why?

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Looks like some people have new computer fever…

I’ve been doing some thinking as of late, there has been a lot on my mind and I figured I’d toss this out there.

Have you ever heard the voice nagging in the back of your head–you know, the one that’s always saying “you need a new computer…”–in some sort of off-tone zombie voice that resembles that of a dying cat robotic drone.

We’ve all heard it. But why must one always live on the bleeding edge? Let’s take a look further…

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