Performancing and PayPerPost!?!

OK, a bit late it may be, but it’s the holiday season – we shouldn’t even be posting at all! (Just kidding of course, we’re always here, and always hard at work). But anyway, why!? Why did Perfomancing, one of the very best online services for bloggers, have to be bought up by the nasty, cheating, and totally immoral PayPerPost!?

For those of you not in the know, PayPerPost accquired Performancing on December 25, 2006 (Welcome to 2007 everyone, btw!), and are making sure everyone knows about it. Performancing is a great, friendly, and honest company; PayPerPost made their money through dishonest, bribery, and deception. Whereas Performancing was an honest service that most bloggers were proud to be a part of, PayPerPost’s very essence involved shame and denial – what a match!

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