A Brief Message from Hosni Mubarak

You can say what you want about our friends in Nigeria, but the one thing you can’t call them is slow. It’s scarcely been a few days since fellow netizens in Egypt have been clamoring for the ouster of their president/dictator/king-of-the-world Hosni Mubarak, but we’re glad to be able to reassure you all that we have it on the up-and-up that he’s already planning his exit, and is only looking for someone to help him sneak out billions of dollars in money stolen from his people before he can announce his resign. Hooray for Democracy!

Follows is a top-secret and highly-confidential message from government insider Mohammad Hammad, explaining the details of the situation and seeking out a business partner to help out a tyrant in need. Hat-tip to Muayyad for forwarding me this valuable document!

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