What’s Wrong with Technorati??

Ever since Technorati went down for two hours last week, they’ve never been the same. Technorati.com is slow and unresponsive at times, breaks often, and has a boatload of error messages we’ve never seen before.

The errors are most obvious when searching the tags listings – sometimes it’ll show no posts for a (very popular) tag, and at other times, it’ll show posts from 34 days ago. It’s always 34 days, no matter when you do the looking. The graph on the side is completely messed up, and does not correlate to the entries in the main window.

What’s wrong with Technorati? Is “the authority” on tags, blogging, and the metrics of the online world coming to an end? Google Blog Search may have surpassed Technorati in terms of page views, but it’ll never come close when it comes to the social aspect. Google indexes, Technorati connects – big difference. So for the sake of the blogosphere, let’s hope Technorati gets their stuff sorted out, this is beginning to get old here.

“Technorati is borked right now!”

There’s something thrilling about seeing a big server down on its knees. It probably has something to do with the complexity of an IT Managers job: no matter how many redundancy tiers you have and how hard you work to keep it up, something is going to go wrong, sometime. Along side famous error messages like those of Digg and Flickr, Technorati’s fits right in:

The Need for Creating Tag Standards

Web 2.0, blogging, and tags all go together, hand-in-hand. However, while RPC standards exist for blogs and the pinheads boggle over the true definition of a “blog,” no one has a cast-in-iron standard for tags. Depending on where you go and who you ask, tags are implemented differently, and even defined in their own unique way. Even more importantly, tags were meant to be universal and compatible: a medium of sharing and conveying info across the internet — the very embodiment of a semantic web. Unfortunately, they’re not. Far from it, tags create more discord and confusion than they do minimize it.

To Space or Not to Space, that is the Question

This one is probably the most obvious obstacle and the most destructive when it comes to tallying tag popularity or making those pretty tag clouds: Can tags have spaces in them or not?! If tags don’t/shouldn’t have spaces, then what do you do with multi-word tags that you just can’t shorten? Do you replace the spaces with underscores, dashes, or just take ’em out? Does it matter?

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