What’s Wrong with Technorati??

Ever since Technorati went down for two hours last week, they’ve never been the same. Technorati.com is slow and unresponsive at times, breaks often, and has a boatload of error messages we’ve never seen before.

The errors are most obvious when searching the tags listings – sometimes it’ll show no posts for a (very popular) tag, and at other times, it’ll show posts from 34 days ago. It’s always 34 days, no matter when you do the looking. The graph on the side is completely messed up, and does not correlate to the entries in the main window.

What’s wrong with Technorati? Is “the authority” on tags, blogging, and the metrics of the online world coming to an end? Google Blog Search may have surpassed Technorati in terms of page views, but it’ll never come close when it comes to the social aspect. Google indexes, Technorati connects – big difference. So for the sake of the blogosphere, let’s hope Technorati gets their stuff sorted out, this is beginning to get old here.

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  • 3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Technorati??

    1. I’m very interested in finding out what’s up here.  Can you give me some specific URLs where you’re seeing this problem? Or is it intermittent?


    2. Hello David,

      I’m afraid it’s an intermittent problem… But here’s the details:
      Randomly (twice or more a day) when searching Technorati for tags, the graph on the sidebar will display some time back in 2005, the main page will say no posts found, and when you refresh, it’ll give an error about Technorati having a problem finding your request, and to try back later.

      I’ll be sure to take a screenshot the next time I see it.

    3. Technorati id DEAD DEAD DEAD! They haven’t pinged or indexed my site for over two months, and the last thing posted on their site is over a day old.


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