Changing bootloader settings isn’t a task to be taken lightly. As the very first thing your PC does when it turns on is to run the bootloader, it’s important for it to be properly configured and in top form.

As of EasyBCD 2.2, a backup of your BCD is automatically taken the first time you run EasyBCD, to help protect you in the case of a misconfiguration catastrophe.

Did you know you can preview your EasyBCD backups?
To preview an EasyBCD backup without first restoring it, simply load the EasyBCD backup file as if it were an external BCD store into EasyBCD from the file menu, check to make sure this is the BCD you’d want, then load the System BCD once more and restore!

EasyBCD can create a backup of your BCD settings at any time from the “BCD Backup/Repair” page:

EasyBCD BCD backup-repair screen

EasyBCD BCD backup-repair screen

Simply either type in the path to the destination save file (ending in .bcd), or else use the browse button on the right-hand side of the text box to browse to where you’d like to save the file. When you’re ready, click “Backup Settings” to begin.

Browse to the EasyBCD save file created last time (ending in .bcd) and click the “Restore Backup” button. Restore will then take place.