When EasyBCD is configured with more than one entry, a menu will be presented to the user at boot-time with the list of entries installed, whereupon the user may choose which of these to boot into. The behavior of this menu depends on the timeout options.

When options 1 or 2 are selected (skip bootmenu or display a timeout respectively, see Setting the Menu Timeout for more information), EasyBCD will automatically boot into the default OS when turning on or restarting your PC. This entry is referred to as being the default entry and is special from the rest.

You can easily set the default entry in EasyBCD from the “Edit Boot Menu” page:

Simply click the entry you would like to make default, and then tick the checkbox under the “Default” column. The text will then change from “No” to “Yes” for this entry, and revert all others to “No.” There can obviously be only one default entry at a time. The changes are applied automatically, there is no need to use the “Save Settings” button.