EasyBCD has a number of different settings dictating the behavior of the entry selection screen that you see on startup.


These options may be set from the “Edit Boot Menu” page in EasyBCD:

EasyBCD edit boot menu screen

EasyBCD edit boot menu screen

The bootloader language can be specified here. This is the text that is shown on the animated boot screen and the detailed text visible on the Advanced Boot Options dialog. Select the language you’d like to use from the drop-down and save changes for the effect to take.

Use Metro bootloader

This option will enable the Metro bootloader, which is a new type of boot loader introduced in Windows 8.

Skip the boot menu

This option will boot directly into the default entry in EasyBCD, bypassing the menu entirely. You can use this to stop the menu from being displayed temporarily if you know that you won’t be booting into other entries in an attempt to speed up the boot process.

Boot default OS after xx seconds

With this option, EasyBCD will show a count-down timer at the boot selection screen. After this number of seconds has elapsed, the default entry will be booted into automatically. Reasonable values for this option range from 5 to 10 seconds.

Wait for user selection

EasyBCD will instruct the bootloader to hang completely until a selection is made manually by the user starting the PC. There is no longer a “default” entry, and your PC will not boot into anything unless explicitly instructed to do so at boot time. Use this instead of option 2 with a longer timeout when it’s of the utmost importance that you boot into the correct operating system.