The NeoSmart Files

Malware Warning

It’s our unfortunate duty to inform our readers and users that for a period of several hours some resources on the domain were compromised by one or more attackers unknown. By means of a vulnerability that we were not able to track in one of the scripts on our site, attackers were able to inject malicious JavaScript into resources on our site, leading to visitors to our domain being redirected to a webpage elsewhere online that instructed them to download and install a malicious plugin.

The malware has been purged from our site and resources and there is no longer any threat to our visitors. We’re still working on getting more information, but the malware in question is labeled as JS/BlacoleRef.J and JS/Blacole.A by Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s important to note that visitors to our site could not be infected without their knowledge. The malicious JavaScript in question triggered the browser to display a “do you want to install this plugin” dialog (the exact text differs by web browser make and model), and some browsers were not susceptible to the redirect attack. Users with antivirus software should also not have been at risk, as the malware in question has been blacklisted by the various companies for several weeks now.

We’ve taken steps to prevent this from happening in the future, and while we have yet to determine the method by which the attackers injected this malware into resources on our site, we’ve secured the file permissions to prevent this from happening in the future. Anyone with knowledge about this attack is asked to come forward and help us tie things down further. You can always reach us at

Update (6:30PM CST)

Our site is now in the process of being un-blacklisted by Google and other malware blacklist agencies.

Status of the latest badware review for this site: A review for this site has finished. The site was found clean. The badware warnings from web search are being removed. Please note that it can take some time for this change to propagate