AMD-ATi Releases Final Vista Drivers!

Just minutes before Vista goes on sale to the general public all around the world, ATi [[AMD]] has officially released the final versions of its drivers for Windows Vista. They’re out for Windows Vista x86 and x64, and they’re slightly smaller than the beta drivers in download size, though still downright huge (for drivers that is, but still nothing next to the X-Fi drivers) at 40MB.

Our original rant, posted just days ago, was all about just how irresponsible and ridiculous ATi/AMD’s much-delayed drivers for Windows Vista are, so we’re especially happy someone’s done something about it. It may be too late for AMD/ATi to make good with the techie users who’ve been using Vista without real graphics acceleration for months now, but it may not be too late for the home crowd.

Go and get the drivers, we’re downloading them too. We don’t know if they have OpenGL support or not, but they most certainly better – we’ll let you know when we find out.

Hat-Tip: Wally Ballou

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  • 5 thoughts on “AMD-ATi Releases Final Vista Drivers!

    1. Sweet, thanks for the link.

      I love NST and your resources have saved me more than once πŸ™‚ 

    2. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, they had the beta drivers for Windows Vista RTM. They’re for RTM, but they themselves were Beta.

      Now the new and final drivers for the final version of Windows are out… Very late though.

    3. Respacted sir,
      With due respact that I have been using windos Vista for two months, but without graphics driver, becouse the previous graphics drivers are not supported in windows Vista. My system boad is Intel and model name is D845gva2.
      Sir, you are kindly requested that if thare is graphics driver which is supported for windows Vista, so please send me web-link on my E-mail.
      I shell be very thankful to you.
      Yours trully
      Qadir Shah

    4. hay guys i was just woundering were can i download your latest drivers for ati video

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