Build 5270 Bloat..

Nope, the build itself does not contain (besides the obvious, the traditional, and the beatuiful) bloatware; but apparently certain aspects of the user interface lead us to believe there is something known as ‘compile bloat’ in this build…

In one sentence, Compile Bloat is when a program (or in this case, a group of programs and DLLs) are compiled with full Debug and Memory Management information; normally used in-lab to quickly return to the source code upon reaching an error…

While it seems mighty unlikely that Microsoft mis-compiled 5270.9 (its a CTP afterall!), how else do you explain that though the OS and its components are not taking too much memory or CPU (not mamny memory leaks; except a rumor around IE7); yet though you cannot pin it on any one thing; it seems to be overall less than ideally responsive at the end of the day. No, I do not mean that after a day of use it slows down; rather that it gives the feeling of offering some sort of counter to your search for a fluid OS.. What else can it be? An overclocked video card, DWM Express activated, not many processes running….

I’ll leave you to ponder over that as I sneakily step out the backdoor to head off for another long day at University…

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