Digital Audio on 5270?

As I might have mentioned in an earlier post, the Windows Update service in Windows Vista’s latest CTP (5270.9, December CTP) works; and I used it to grab the sound drivers for my SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio device…

Well, besides coming with enhnaced (and long overdue) functionality to control volume on a per-application basis (ever try to play Quake 4 or C0D2 while listening to some hard core music in the background??!) it comes with more-or-less enhanced sound.. The drivers it grabbed are not available on the SoundMAX website for use on Windows XP. Though I do not have?a professional studio or a sound-card benchmarking device; unless thine ears decieve me, the sound is clearer…..

But there is a catch. There always is, get used to it.. I have the Boston BA735 Digital Speakers… In order to listen to anything on my computer I had to switch them with analog headphones… It seems that Digital Speakers are not yet fully funtional in 5270?

Be it as it may, it seems that Microsoft is determined to overhaul the user media experience; one step at a time. First it was video (new LDDM Card coming my way!!) and now its the sound… Let’s just hope they don’t reinvent the joystick :P

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