MessengerLite for Windows


A lot of people have been complaining (within earshot of course) about Windows Live Messenger: it’s too slow, too resource intensive, and has just too many useless features they’ll never use and don’t like to have.

At NeoSmart Technologies, we hear you. So in order to hear you even louder, vote above and let us know if you’d be interested in a lite version of Windows Live Messenger. Something that’s fully compatible with the latest WLM protocol, and can share text, streaming webcam content, audio, and avatars with all MSN Messenger clients – and nothing more. This means no search, no silly themes, no advertisements, no games, no sharing folders, no winks, and definitely no nudges.

We like to do things right, so if our programmers were to create a lite version of WLM that just works and does just what you need and nothing more, doesn’t take much memory, and is 100% compatible with the MSN Messenger protocol, would you use and support such a thing?

Whether you would or you wouldn’t, vote above. If you would, vote so our programmers can get cracking, and if you wouldn’t, vote and let us know to focus our resources elsewhere — after all, NeoSmart Technologies is here for you.