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A lot of people have been complaining (within earshot of course) about Windows Live Messenger: it’s too slow, too resource intensive, and has just too many useless features they’ll never use and don’t like to have.

At NeoSmart Technologies, we hear you. So in order to hear you even louder, vote above and let us know if you’d be interested in a lite version of Windows Live Messenger. Something that’s fully compatible with the latest WLM protocol, and can share text, streaming webcam content, audio, and avatars with all MSN Messenger clients – and nothing more. This means no search, no silly themes, no advertisements, no games, no sharing folders, no winks, and definitely no nudges.

We like to do things right, so if our programmers were to create a lite version of WLM that just works and does just what you need and nothing more, doesn’t take much memory, and is 100% compatible with the MSN Messenger protocol, would you use and support such a thing?

Whether you would or you wouldn’t, vote above. If you would, vote so our programmers can get cracking, and if you wouldn’t, vote and let us know to focus our resources elsewhere — after all, NeoSmart Technologies is here for you.

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  • 17 thoughts on “MessengerLite for Windows

    1. You’re jumping the gun there toxic! Let’s first get enough votes to get this thing going, because 12 votes isn’t worth the time it’ll take to make and maintain such a program.

      However, if and when such a project begins, it’ll definitely run on Windows 98+ and will be written in either C# or Visual C++.

    2. i haven’t used chat since 2001, but recently i read there’s potential security trouble with plain file xfer in chat? maybe in reference to phishing?

      besides that, aren’t there tonnes of lite chat clients already? (try fileforum or softpedia, etc search) or have the better ones become bloated?

      My impression is that easybcd is rather unique (besides xosl & gag). Seems if you have the itch to produce another ware, make it as unique and high demand niche as boot loader.

      what of looking over an inactive SFnet project? Look over the freeware newsgroups for generic requests?

      reliable fast backup, with incremental mode, has been one of my top concerns. (batch wrap of Cobian backup seems to be working)

      But even higher concern for me: I’d love to see Proxomitron…
      1 become user friendly to write (and test! watch steps, etc) filters for.
      2 integrate on-the-fly site-specifying into browsers.
      3 an organized filter submission and testing wiki-thing

      i spend way too much time tweaking Proxo for scrueboll changes various sites make (hey there, google!)

      etc 🙂

      btw, Proxo is already liteware.

    3. Interesting comment there, Rumplestilskin…
      You’re right of course, NeoSmart Technologies as all about the “ingenious” rather than the stuff that’s already popular – thank you for keeping things in focus there.

      Actually we’ve been spending a lot of time considering making our next big project a open source and community-driven one – so your SourceForge suggestion is a damn good idea.

      EasyBCD 1.7 should address just about all functionality issues, localizations, and practically anything else anyone ever asked for. With EasyBCD 1.6 we’ll be shipping a new bootloader-related program – but it’s a fairly simple and un-complicated project that shouldn’t take much work or maintenance.

    4. Just want to add: Whatever we do will be from scratch or a complete rewrite. NeoSmart Technologies prides itself in clean code and reliable software – unfortunately something like Proxo is closed-source and not publicly licensed, so that wouldn’t be possible.

    5. If the lite WLM is completely clean (no ad-ware or anything that harmful) I’ll definitely vote for it.

    6. I’m sure it would be, NST makes awesome free stuff!

      But I voted no – because like Rumplestilskin was saying, I’d rather NST focused on a more niche market, because to be honest, I think NeoSmart Technologies’ programmers are just awesome, and that their talent would be wasted on such a program.

      Yes, it’s a slightly selfish view I guess, but really, it would benefit everyone involved if people (and organizations!) operated at the peak performance level… MLW sounds great, but another EasyBCD (so to speak) is definitely an even bigger and badder app to look forward to.

      I guess it’s difficult picking a project, I wouldn’t know, I haven’t tried (I can’t stand math and programming!), but I’m sure if anyone can, it’s the guys (and gals?) at NST. 

    7. ‘rarefied’, bleeding-but-usable-edge-with-comfy-couch, in-the-imaginary-box.

      ok more seriously: in some types of design, some designers try to consider the “unseen” (as-yet unserved) users – not consider only those that are evident (surveyable, visible, whatever). of course that requires a lot of ‘put myself in their shoes’ mental exercises.

      just a little related brainstorming.. ? perhaps mosey about locations of varied users? wifi hotspot? college cs lab? college student access (non cs students)? seniors residence?

      adjunct projects for some of the affordable pc projects (there seem to be at least one active such project at all times). however (in context of coding?) i can’t think of what project that would be, since they tend to need os and apps of more common functions. perhaps the target users can be surveyed. they’re semi-invisible (i think).

      however those users will be less associated with decent funding (i believe that’s the real drawback).

      eh. my brainstorming is falling into a rut there…
      i must breakout..

      bananas cole slaw, bowling, let down your long beard so we can climb up and be eaten by the giant!

      naahh, i gotta snooze. where’s my sunscreen?

      but you might want to checkout proxo, if you hadn’t already been aware of it.

    8. yeah, proxo was a closed source project. but genius. the author died, so there’s no opportunity to transfer it to OSS. It is still the best at what it does, but it’s just difficult to write new stuff for (unless your a pgmer). also privoxy and proximodo are both OSS and somewhat similar. and have gone inactive (last i checked a couple months ago). IOW, they are adoptable, by the neosmart ‘posse’ (I assume your papers are in order, comr4dez.) 🙂

    9. ok, I’ve Googled for a little bookmark utility like this: It apparently doesn’t exist. It (would) appear to be an icon on desktop (better if in toolbar/taskbar/systray, to allow maximized browser window).
      but if you drab an url onto it, it pops out allowing user to drop mark onto choice of preconfigged subfolders (actually shortcuts to user choices of “real” folders”.

      visually it acts much like the double arrow that’s the overflow of quicklaunch, but its pop action responds only when you drop a file onto it. additionally, i see no reason why its pop-out need be restricted to one direction or be restricted to orthogonal directions. 🙂

      partial precedent?
      some apps such as freedownloadmanager (fdminst) use opaque floating drop icon/button.

      maybe it’s best to first make the dropbutton utility work in linux, cuz linux drag ‘n’ drop seems weak. (is that dependent upon the GUI/window ware?)

      nym it?
      “neosmart stardropper?”
      starburst? stellar dump! w0000 🙂
      There must a less-common (but short) synonym for “star”?

      ok, i need to get outta here to go help some kids climb up and feed their selves to the giant.

    10. You may want to try aMSN, which is multiplatform. If you download the win32 package and then update you scripts directory with the svn tarball on their site you should be even able to test latest bleeding edge functions.

      Maybe guys here at neosmart are interested in giving some help there, dunno 🙂


    11. aMSN is a decent project for Windows, but unfortunately it’s the very worst messenger on Linux!

      They definitely could use a hand, but it’s highly unlikely we’d be able to lend it. It’s rather complicated, but because NeoSmart Technologies is a standalone (non-profit) organization, our policy is to publish things via our own venues. While we may willing to lend the project a developer or two and patch here and there, we wouldn’t be able to actually run it as a NeoSmart project – because it wouldn’t be.

      Hope you understand – it’s nothing against helping out the community but simply a matter of stretching already fine-stretched resources (in this case, developers).

      Thanks for the suggestion though! 🙂

    12. I’d like to see a Linux version too. One thing I would like to see kept is the Sharing Folders. I find them very useful for sharing large files with friends, as they seem to work much faster than the regular transfer

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